Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making Letters Using Line - A How To

Yesterday I started the year off by sharing my 2013 stitched numbers. When I started to make this I was looking for a way to create the numbers using only LINE --
January is all about line, right?
The stitching part was for myself, for this method of using lines can be done with pen & ink, paint...
and, the list can go on and on.

So, here's how I went about it:
 Using my ipad. I found  find some letters --
then I pulled the screen to make them larger
and laid tracing paper over the screen to trace the numbers
Putting the ipad away,
I traced over the numbers in marker and cut each apart
Then placing them onto my printer each was enlarged to my chosen size.
Once enlarged trace them onto freezer paper
cut each number out and ready for ironing into place.
fun time - I went looking for shiny fabric of course
and then the most sparkling thread I could findI
narrowing it down to just two colors from
all this wonderful Kreinik thread I had.
to prepare for stitching I sandwiched my fabrics with batting
and even though the freezer paper sticks to the fabric I knew
that I would be traveling with it so I basted it all together with thread
It was time to stitch, so using  my favorite 'seed stitch'
I stitchedl in all the areas  OUTSIDE the freezer paper letters
once the outside are was completed I removed
all the basting thread & freezer paper letters
then using my 2nd color of thread
I stitched again close to the edges of each to glitter them up
More about line and fun ways to study it and use it, tomorrow!

Stitching On!


  1. Very clever use of the ipad. What type of printer do you have and how big can it enlarge? I hope you will post photos of the final project. I love the threads!

  2. Jann, I just used my all-in-one HP printer that lets me adjust for size when making copies. I wanted the letters to be about the height of a standard page- 11" so I set it to 185% enlargement. If I need something bigger I can tile the enlargement -or better yet take it to Kinko's. Stay tuned for my fun with line - playing.