Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rusting Fabric - Getting Started Tutorial

I started gathering some fun stuff to try rusting with, but had a couple of questions since this is my first time trying this in my new home in Paducah, KY. Here the lows have been in the 20's and I was not sure if I could get quick results in the cold.

I also heard thru a friend of a friend that they used salt water rather than my vinegar water.

So, here are the steps and and my overnight results
took fabric, cut it to a working size
and cut garbage bag to size just larger; 2 piece (1under/1over)
prepared 2 spray bottles
1 with 1part vinegar-1 part water
other with 1 part salt-1 part water (make sure salt is disolved)

got some large nails
outside I prepared 4 samples
1. vinegar with bubble wrap layer
2. just vinegar solution
3. just salt solution
4. salt solution with additional salt
for each I spray base layer of liquid, laid fabric, sprayed
then added nails, sprayed again
closed up with plastic bag and held it in place with small rocks

overnight with the vinegar solution over bubble-wrap
overnight with salt solution & extra salt

I left the salt solution to keep going,
but moved the nails over on the vinegar samples to keep the
design moving overall.

Happily, the vinegar worked really well overnight and even moving the nails once again later on today,
I should be able to wash it all by tomorrow and figure out just what I want to do with it next.

Have a great day!

Rusting On!


  1. Thanks for posting this simple and clear experiment! I'd done a rust project once and was just trying to remember what I'd done. Looking forward to seeing what you create from your goodies!

    1. thanks for leaving a own mind is swimming with possibilities. just need to find a bit more time.

  2. Thanks for sharing this...interesting results. I'll be back to see what's next!

    1. thanks for commenting Vicki -- I'm anxious to get some round objects or maybe some side liner pieces to create a big piece. hope you give it a try sometime

  3. Hmmm.... so the salt doesn't work as well as the vinegar, eh? Interesting...

    1. it was nice to be able to test them side by side, and boy the vinegar was amazingly fast! good to know if you want to control the speed a bit.