Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shhh...Making Pin Weaving Bracelets

Way back when I began my journey into art quilting I took a class with David Walker --- he is amazing, and I give him credit for my stashes of yarn(no I'm not a knitter) and beads. It was David that introduced me to couching and adding beads to a quilt. Thank you David!

But, if one is not a knitter and has a larger stash of fun, colorful yarns or if you are a knitter with bits and pieces left over from your projects, then you may want to give these pin woven bracelets a try.....then if you're looking for special embellishments for finishing opportunities join me on November 6th for my Fabric'ating Embellishment on-line workshop.


Here I have made a small loom from a 10" x 3 piece of foam core board; marked 1/2" top and bottom; then cuts made ever 3/8" to hold yarn
Then tape yarn down in the back and wrap the loom, back to front
 Here the loom ready to go
 Next, select your weaving yarns and thread up your needle with a yard or 2 so you're ready to weave.
 Now, using the needle go in and out of the loaded yarns.
 Pull the yarn through, and leaving about a 3-4" tail just keep going.
 When you run out or want to change yarn just remember to leave yourself a tail...
 And, keep weaving until you get it as long you want it to be.
To begin finishing process - cut the loom strings on the back,
 and two at a time bring them forward, pulling them out of the cardboard, and tie a knot
When ends are all knotted take the loose yarns individually and rethread them onto the needle...
 weave these back into the bracelet...
 then snip them off.
This will leave you ready to finish them off with beads, buttons for closures, almost anything could be used!

If you want to learn about some fun finishes you'll want to join me for my upcoming Fabric'ating Embellishments on-line workshop. It is scheduled to begin on November 6th. Giving you plenty of time to get started, and plenty of time to finish up some for holiday gifts!

I'm working on finishing mine up for some special friends.
Hope you give these a try.

Weaving On,


  1. I really want to do this!!! It looks like so much fun! Going to round up beads, yarn, etc and try this. Thanks, Rose, for reminding me about these.

  2. you are most welcome Sandy -- I am planning all sorts of fun things to finish them off