Friday, September 26, 2014

There's A Quilt In there Somewhere

possibly two or three...

This past week my sister has been visiting and I have been sharing some of my favorite places with her. One, last week was Garden of the Gods in Southern IL. It amazes me how the landscape can change so dramatically - seemingly out of nowhere.

Yesterday, we visited the Mineral Museum in Marion, KY. David & I found this during a hit the road, it's spring road trip our first year here and I've been taking people back there ever since. There we learned about local geology and discovered fluorite....

The museum is quite a treat, and my favorite room is literally in the dark where slices of these minerals are lit up. I'm thinking there is a quilt in these wonders...

what do you think?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simplify to Find Your Self

It seems like a zillion years ago that I started the art quilters group out in California -- Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists.

I did this after several years in traditional guilds and a burning need to find 'like minds'.
I was not disappointed!

Back at the time, and even now, quilt artists who wanted to expand on their art careers were told they needed a body of work. It seemed to be on everyone's agenda.

Over the years I have come to understand that our voice is shared by the choices we make.

In my latest book - due out in January I share some basic lessons on how to simplify the visual things that surround us everyday into interesting designs. Once we have those design ideas then we dig around in our personal tool kits (which I personally think should include Fast-Piece Applique how to for stitching fabric) and bring them to life.

Want to make something 'uniquely' you? Simplify!

The simplifying process begins with us...
1st by choosing the subject we want. (something we love or something that has us intrigued.)
Then with every detail we remove,
or area we change,
it becomes more and more our own.

The cover quilt for my newest book is a good example.
This photo, taken while on Martinique  while I was on a teaching cruise with World Quilts to the Caribbean was the inspiration for this quilt.

I loved this scene! The beach, umbrellas and beautiful Caribbean waters.
You can see what I edited out,
what I chose to emphasize and in my case, repeat.
All things that this photo reminds me of,
and through simplifying make my quilt, my own personal take-away from that walk along the boardwalk.

A teacher that I met and became fast friends with on that trip asked if she could use that photo as inspiration. Of course, I said, for I know Michelle would create from it would be totally different from my own.

Try if for yourself. Do you have a small group of quilters that you work with -- ask them to create a small quilt from a photo you provide. Then stand back and be prepared to be amazed!

Do you want a bit of a head start on learning Fast-Piece Applique....
join me on-line for my workshop

'Shaping Up with Fast-Piece Applique'!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Background Building

Hi All!
Happy Monday.

Today seems like fall, and my garden is calling my name.
Rose....Rose....come clean us up for winter....

Me, I want to spend my day working on stitching up backgrounds.
These backgrounds are for embellishment projects.
Truth be told they are sample projects for the new workshop I am creating for Academy of Quilting.

In the class I will be teaching 8 different ways to FABRIC-ate embellishments that can be used on almost any project. It was hard getting it down to 8, so there will be some other must know embellishment methods sneaking in.

Below is the first of many backgrounds that I'll be making over the next week. A bit of improvisational piecing-ready for the best part-
the embellishments.

What kind of embellishments would you make for this background?

Stitching on now!ok, maybe back to the garden...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Did You Win?

And the WINNERs are!!!!!

Lisa Pate - Gill Watson -- Barbara Dillard Smith Woods

To each of you congratulations on winning the book of your choice...
and to everyone else a huge Thank You for joining in.

You have made the wait for the unveiling fun.
Here it is!!

Please let me know what you think of this latest book-
scheduled for general release Jan/15

I'll be sharing more about what's on the inside soon,
and pre-sales direct through me will be beginning in October.

(I know... more waiting--but now we can do it together!)


Only a few Hours Now

Thank you all for leaving your comments -
liking my FaceBook page & sharing my give-away over the past week.

I will be pulling the lucky three winners this afternoon and sharing a peek at the cover of my newest book....

Are you ready?
There is still time to jump in --

Look for the announcement here soon!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Waiting, Waiting, Wait -- It's A Give-Away

‘Boy you have a lot of patience’.
Mostly, after hearing this for the zillionth  time, I usually just nod my head in conspiratorial agreement, though inside I am saying….

What may look like patience from the outside is really my burning desire and love of stitching.

I am posting today about patience,

or maybe about impatience?

Either way it feels like I have been waiting, waiting and waiting to get the final cover for my latest book.

Book projects seem to take forever,
this time it is Book #4 that remains hidden behind one of those curtains on the stage..

Waiting is torture!
So, I've decided to put a little fun twist into this waiting bit
by throwing an 'e-book give-away'!

You can keep tapping your fingers --
waiting patiently or impatiently.... OR

Click over to my website -
take a look at my current books:
Leave a comment here on my blog-
tell me which one you would like to get your hands on,
Then you are in the running!

I'll be pulling the winning names
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on September 8th.

Want additional chances?

Click here -- head over to my Facebook Page & hit LIKEand leave another comment there.
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and then maybe, just maybe at the end of this give-away,

I may be able to share the cover of book #4!