Friday, June 28, 2013

Todays Source: Clouding Around

Yesterday morning the ac installers finally finished setting the new system in place. We were so pleased to have that behind us that Dave & I set off for a bit of fun. We headed up the road -- to Target...(ok, now that we have to go over 60 miles to get to a Target it is a bit of a destination). -- being there also left us in a fun area, so leaving Target behind we headed off into the woods.

Riding off, with the trees and sky -- it was a grand day!
I fell (wonderfully cool) asleep thinking of the day, and I awoke with CLOUDS.
Seemed the universe was sending a message -

So, today's source --

Take some time, kick back and let the clouds pull you in...

While teaching in Asilomar my class gave me the name Queen of Clouds --
something about loving the clouds in my quilts...
they requested a design file of 'my clouds' that resulted with:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Hammered & Gain a Source

It has been a couple of very warm days at the Hughes --
New AC unit has been being installed (who would expect it to take soooo long).

To escape the heat yesterday I headed off to run some chores, and to hang out in places that were air-conditioned. One of these was Lowes -- and since wandering thru the hardware section is always fun, I spent about an hour walking up and down....

there were giant screws
chains of all shapes & sizes

hammers, nails, screwdrivers,
there was also some fun-
shiny new skeleton keys that caught my eye

All these shiny - textured - fun items were also the inspiration for today's posting.

Next time you're heading to the hardware store -- give yourself some extra time...
wander the aisles....


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Venture: A Nudge in the Right Direction

Pun intended...
today's source generator is all about MAPPING IT!
Even though our world has turned to GPS - and we all have been grateful to that little voice that comes on to guide us (at least once)... there is still a wonderful world of maps to be discovered...
maybe even collected.

Those paper things with color, line, scales
and info to get us from one place or another,
or from one idea to another.

As you start looking around for maps you may want to keep a few questions in mind.
Can I...stitch it? glue it? film it? collect it? dye with it? draw on it? cut it? leave it?

Then begin the hunt for maps...
All kinds! 

driving maps, flight maps, mind maps, color maps, project maps, life maps
& of course the best map of all a 'treasure map'!

In Los Angeles, when I first moved there, you had to have a Thomas Guide --
more than a map it was a book of maps enabling you to find your way through
all the twists and turns of a city not designed, but one the grew together from all these other little cities and roads that changed names with the blink of an eye. They came out every year, and the multi-county books were HEAVY...

and many years later, as I packed up to move cross country I took the pages from my Thomas Guide-gave my friends the pages that had their homes-a bunch of art supplies and decorate it -- just for me.

Do you have a map somewhere in your home or car, right now?
Have fun!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sources: Venturing - Look Down

Sometimes we just need a bit of a nudge in a different direction to begin seeing new sources - new possibilities - ME included! So, that is a bit about what this week is all about.

Whether you venture near or far there is always something new for the finding.
To get us going, I chose any easy one.

What may you find? Well, just on my walk I found feathers ( tons & tons) and even a poor abandoned goose egg...  just remember to LOOK DOWN!

interesting cracks? staircases?
or how many different colors of toe nail polish may you find today?

I'm off to wander!
~ Rose

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sources: How about Venturing?

As we move into the last full week of June many of us have some big plans for setting out for time away from home. We may be traveling to far away, never seen before places; or maybe heading home for a family reunion or relaxing time at the lake, beach, mountains or  (fill in the blank).

Others, (me included), are enjoying the summer right in our own backyards --
did you catch a glimmer of the 'supermoon',
or watch the fire-flies flit by?

Well, this week I will be sharing ideas on how to see & hear during our wanderings....
and how to feed our souls and fill our sketch books.

You'll want to be prepared to:

btw - most of my favorite quilts were things found along the way and stitched together...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Words for Sources

Summer has officially arrived -
Summer Solstice the longest day of the year --
long, lingering days filled with light & possibilities.

We have 93 days to the Autumn Equinox
How would you like to fill a sketchbook with ideas in that time?
Well, since we're talking about WORDs as source inspiration this week I came up with a

Summer Word Challenge

below is a list - a long list - a list of words that remind me of summer

It's easy to join in - grab a pencil & paper--
and let your mind explore that word for you
record your exploration!

I've talked about this idea many, many times...
why?  because it works - a bit of personal brainstorming
where you find yourself continuously surprised.

While using this technique along with the members of my design group I was always amazed with what I came up with, and how each of us came up with stuff that was very different from each other. In just 5 minutes!!

Click to see some our examples:



The most important thing is to have fun!

Hmm, which word will I pick for today?


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sources: Words - More than tell the tale

One of the most powerful resources for discovery & inspiration for me are WORDS.

Words have history -
They can provide power ourselves - through introspection
and, power over others - (there is nothing stronger than a carefully turned phrase)

We all have experienced the words of a novel strung together in just the right way
to create a whole other world in our imagination.

& words are all around us - free for contemplating & kick starting that next project.

Below are just a couple of my own quilts that were culled into being because of words.

Don't Think Yourself in a Jail
inspired long ago by the words to an Indigo Girls song
this bird's jail is one of his own making -- overthinking can certainly create bars
and only we control their existence
Whether you think You're Right
or Whether you think You're Wrong... You're Right

words quoted from Henry Ford spoke perfectly to me
as I created a piece based on the theme detours
Do you have a favorite song, poem, quote or story that has already inspired you creatively?

Hope this week's postings will help open up new possibilities!

I'm working on a fun challenge that I'll be posting on the 21st -- don't miss it!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photos as Sources: Sunday 'Fillr Up

Hope that this days finds you all well and with a few moments for yourselves.
I have been working on several projects that are all coming due over the next week --
luckily for me they all involve creating & stitching - some of most favorite things.

Also, lucky for me that when someone asks for 5-subject related projects that I know I can turn to various sources to help me get cracking with ideas.

#1 thing on my list is image searches

these may be my own images (since I have a 20 odd year archive of photos)
but, I may use photos from other sources, too.

One of the old trusty ways to use this images it by creating a small frame-
or set of L-sections and moving them over the photos --
by hovering over various areas you may find all sorts of inspiration, compositions, textures

I pulled out two photos I recently took while off on the 400 Mile Yardsale...
(think of all the possibilities!!!)

make yourself a small black or white frame
select a photo - here is one of fishing tackle
here is one possible composition
here is another

and here I used a white frame and found an interesting texture --
I am thinking quilting lines - hmm

You may want to dig out some of those old travel pictures and start thinking about them all over again via the view through a frame.

Happy Sunday!

I'm back to stitching.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sources: Photos & How to Use Them

Digital cameras and having a camera in our phones have just made snapping and sharing a way of life for most of us. We post them on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook (to name just a few online share opps) and as viewers we are treated to almost every subject imaginable.

It stands to reason that photos are a very convenient and powerful source for letting our creative juices out for a whirl, and there are a lot of different ways that we can use them. Over the next few days I will be sharing some ideas on just that. Photos & How to Use Them.

Today I will be sharing the way I have been using for a number of years to take a photo and turn it into a pattern that I then stitch together using my own Fast-Piece Applique.
starting with a photo - here is one I took of a walkway in Glacier National Park.
I loved walking through the trees and the zig-zag of the path.
in order to see the lines more clearly I made a black & white print to work from
then using tracing paper I went over the main lines -
I eliminated details and sought only for the strong identifying shapes
for these would become fabric that would further tell my quilt-story

there are sometimes many sheets of tracing paper
and many different versions of what is selected - what is left out during this process
but once I have it completed I can enlarge it and use it as my  pattern
I have used this pattern many times --
having my choices of fabrics and embellishments change the time
of day conveyed on this walk thru the woods -- this is just 1 example
I hope you enjoyed this how-to.
There will be some others - so check back in...
Meantime,  you can start looking at your photos --
that one snapped yesterday or last year might just be the source for your next project.

I'm heading back to stitching.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sources -- Inspiration Where do we go?

by definition is:
where something comes from
the places where things originat

and as creatives we are always on the look out for the initial spark that starts off on some road

There are always sources in us & around us, and sometime we need to be reminded
and sometimes we just need to go adventuring.

Adventuring this week took me off on the 400Mile Yardsale.
400 miles of yardsale after yardsale through the scenic backroads of Kentucky.
Each stop along the way had it's own flavor, but boy people were out there hunting down goodies.

I went looking for materials for upcoming projects, and I came away a happy 'source' finder.

Here's some pictures taken along the way...

see any picture here that might be a source for you?
Where are you off to this weekend?  Be on the lookout!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Observation: Never stop Seeing

May has been a pretty eye opening
month for me...

I enjoyed all the sights & sounds of  my first spring here in Paducah and I had a blast taking
in all the 'new' & old people, places & things while getting to travel a bit.

Just this morning I decided to take my morning walks down at the park --
starting by a walk around the lake. I had a grand time - feathers dropped at my feet reminding me
of the poem found sooo long ago now that inspired my earliest of art quilts.
(it's the one still found on my website).
There were amazing reflections on the water,

and even a seemingly forgotten goose egg.

All this observing has got my mind spinning with possibilities -
and, as I start June's topic off I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

June is going to be all about SOURCES.

Couldn't be a better time to come up with ways how to explore near & far for that next idea.

Want to come along?