Friday, June 7, 2013

Sources -- Inspiration Where do we go?

by definition is:
where something comes from
the places where things originat

and as creatives we are always on the look out for the initial spark that starts off on some road

There are always sources in us & around us, and sometime we need to be reminded
and sometimes we just need to go adventuring.

Adventuring this week took me off on the 400Mile Yardsale.
400 miles of yardsale after yardsale through the scenic backroads of Kentucky.
Each stop along the way had it's own flavor, but boy people were out there hunting down goodies.

I went looking for materials for upcoming projects, and I came away a happy 'source' finder.

Here's some pictures taken along the way...

see any picture here that might be a source for you?
Where are you off to this weekend?  Be on the lookout!



  1. omg Gloria, we had a great time.... though I don't think I could do the whole 400 miles