Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ending the Year...

Good Morning everyone... I woke up this morning feeling a wide mix of emotions. It really is the 29th day of December and that arbitrary January 1st is only days away. Like most of us I am contemplating -- That is, contemplating what this past year has brought, and what 2014 holds in store.

2013 has been wild & fun and it feels like the soil of my old self has been dug up, turned upside down -- letting the air in, and making all ready for new planting.

I just have not chosen the plants yet... there are soooooo many opportunities, but as every gardener knows you have to choose wisely.

It is the choosing that has me thinking -- thinking, just because it is the beginning of the new year, I may not be ready to choose yet. I am literally in the "middle" of working on my latest creations -- all in various stages of production for almost all are to be included in my newest book. Each project is special, and has a life of it's own at the moment.

So, for me all my decisions and plans for the new year (sort of like the perennial plantings) are somewhat already in place, and everything else (the lovelies-annuals) will have to wait for that manuscript due date to come & go before I make those selections.

I have only the piles & piles of scraps to share at this point, but know that each pile represents a quilt project unfolding.

Unfolding further as 2014 unfolds.
I would love to hear your plans for the new year.... or if yours-like mine, may just have to wait for a bit more unfolding.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Scrappy Trees

Being snowed in has had it's good points and it's bad points....
on the good side is plenty of time to stitch...
on the bad side...a bit of cabin fever.

I am in the middle of a ton of quilt projects for my newest books, and this weekend I was stitching some fun -- wonderful colors -- of fabric. Once the top was done I had a pile of scraps that screamed stitch me into something for Christmas...

so, inspired by a fabric tree given to me many years ago by my friend Joanell I started stitching those scraps together. A bit of improvisational stitching... then pressing... then cutting & stitching... cutting & stitching, and finally some cutting my newly stitched fabrics into as many triangles as I could.

So, with any luck I will be able to get out today and pick up some pillow stuffing and dowels to finish these up.... 'til then, here's some pictures I took along the way.