Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Time to Artify & Quiltify

In my latest book I talk about the cycle of creativity.
I introduced and defined a couple of new words:
and passed along fun, simple exercises to encourage playing and learning about basic design elements:

with 2013 upon us -- a cycle is set to begin again....

with art and creativity of course...

So start following the blog today -- and be ready to join in the cycle of creativity fun!
while together we'll learn, experience, gather...
sort, examine, incubate...
dive in, do, pull it all together...
share, sit back, view, examine, re-examine
and enjoy it all the more as starts over again!

As a gatherer, collector and researcher by nature, and lover of the creative process, sharing each stop it takes along the way is what I'm planning to do...
(OK, I do fancy the idea of being a Flight Coordinator for creativity adventures)

My sharing ways to
ARTIFY your life,

and QUILTIFY the world, begins as the clock strikes midnight...
Happy New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Phew! 18 Degrees

Morning was quickly approaching and it promised sunshine, so in my most typical manner I threw on some walking clothes and headed out.
I knew it was cold and felt like I had prepared adequately, but I have much to learn about cold. It did not deter a wonderful time, just now I know a bit more.

I learned were the ice forms and is more likely to to lay in wait for you to slip n'slide, and I will not venture out without a tissue. I also took some fun pictures of setting moon, and rising sun along with some frozen stuff.

I'm sure the neighbors thought I was nuts, but I did not check the temp until my return.
Any pointers you more experienced snow & cold folks can pass along to this new silly snow-person in training, I would love to hear them!

Back inside now sipping my hot chocolate/coffee
and working towards the New Year's rollout out of


as we
ARTIFY our lives
& QUILTIFY our world...

together, of course!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking Forward

Well, happily we all made it through the predictions of ending of the world...
and on a more personal note,
I made it through the remodeling of kitchen.

Back in August when we found our new house in Kentucky I knew the kitchen had to have some changes made....ASAP! The 1960's kitchen had some big, fun pluses but the oven was just not gonna work, and the idea of cooking on the electric cooktop - that was the majority of counter space overall... well...I hope you can see my concerns.

Luckily, within just a couple of days of moving here I was introduced to Ron Rock --- (keep telling him he needs a web presence). Another transplant to KY from CA, a finish carpenter, and an even better NICE person. When all the wheels of ordering the appliances and materials were in the works, he promised that my before Christmas kitchen would be done.

True to his word, the truly final touches were completed in time for a big batch of cookies to be whipped up for Santa's arrival. The pictures will show just how wonderful it all looks.

Now, with the kitchen 'all together' my mind has turned back to other goals, and I have been busy working on some really fun projects to be part of a month of
Basic-Art-Element Training Month -Line
scheduled to begin with the turning of the calendar to 2013.

There will be quilty and non-quilty sharing.
Follow now-you'll not want to miss anything!

Join the fun...
Artify your life...
&Quiltify your world!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Counter-Top Saga

It is a rainy morning here in Paducah -- all the better to enjoying the smell of banana bread cooking. I have got this in the oven to share with our favorite contractor Ron. He has been really great to work with and this week he is getting in the new countertops, backsplash and lighting --- and, it is a holiday wish come true for me.

I thought I would share a little of the day, by day changes.
before Ron's arrival
this is the before of the center isle countertop -- this cook top will soon be a thing of the past
see, GONE! this was the end of day 1 - demo and framing done
this is just a closer look at the tile we selected
here's the end of day 2 -- all ready for tile installation on the counters by the stove and the backsplash
This is how it looks this morning --- beginning of day 3... stay posted for more updates.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Fun News!

As things here slowly are pulling together I am pleased that the world keeps spinning without me.

Now, Just a quick, fun announcement.

WKPT ABC Radio is having a special show on this week.
Buy A Book for Christmas
and they have chosen my own -
Design, Create & Quilt
to feature & review as part of their
Best Books for the Holiday

You can hear their reveiw:
Tuesday, December 18th at 10:04am

They serve locally East TN, Southwest VA, West NC through their AM stations:
1400 - 1490 - 1590, and FM stations:  94.3 - 97.7 - 97.9

They also have an app for listeners not close enough to catch it locally.

If you do get a chance to hear it please let me know!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life Out of Hand

I love Mondays -- always a great opportunity for a new start... on what?
On whatever your heart desires. In my case as I sat with my morning coffee contemplating my day I was really feeling a bit tortured. Things here in the new house are really coming together and I am really pleased and grateful... so what's up?

Well, so much of my focus has been new house and new community related that 'life' has kinda of taken the back burner. Life for me is all about creating and finding new stuff -- admittedly mostly fabric stuff, but I had put so many ideas down in my master plan book back in July and it's time to crack it open and start sharing it.

I still have house things to deal with -- Since some of the big remaining ones involve storing my quilts and getting the studio workable this week I will share some things I'm doing to clear the decks for fun, creative playtime to come!

On the list for Monday was---
the quilt - closet!

This closet is dedicated to store my quilts, and it is much bigger than it looks in this picture. Lots of room, but
truly in need of additional shelving.

So as much as I wanted to get back to 'life', the measuring and shopping occupied most of Monday -- but, the week is still young and hopefully this large stack of quilts will soon have a space to spread out, be counted and be happy.
Anybody having torture problems this week?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Explore Further

Several days ago I was sitting, stumming my fingers at the dining room table, early...early, with coffee in hand. In all honesty I was wandering through Pinterest -- when I came upon a pinboard titled Explore Further.

Love this title, and naturally I dove in to see what wonders could be found amongst its 94 pins.

Finding several must haves, repining began... but I really fell in love with the title.

Exploring Further , to me, this is what life is about.

We search out things that make our heart sing and get our minds spinning.
It has been quite some time since I began to cook up the idea of using my blog to do just this thing.

As my life begins to settle my need to explore grows, and in January my blog will start exploring the basic art elements. Each month will be dedicated to one of the elements and there will be opportunities for everyone to jump in.

As we explore we may uncover all sorts of things. Some BIG, some small, but really who is to say.
I want to become a place where peeps could come explore, or be inspired and be encouraged to for their own personal exploration, and share.

As for the pinterest board Exploring and Sharing.....
What would you pin onto this board?

Do you have a subject that you've wanted to delve deeper into -- become the explorer!

Please, please share it here --

Stitching On

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Book Wonders

One of the fun things about writing a book or teaching a class is seeing some of the amazing things that appear from sharing a technique. This week -in the middle of all things moving- I heard from Theodra Rijkhoff up in Canada.

She was sharing a gift that she had just made using a couple of different projects from my latest book... Design, Create, Quilt.

Theodra made an e-book cover as a gift for her daughter-in-law. (lucky daughter-in-law).

 But, this is only the latest piece Theodra has shared. There have been others posted and I'd love to share them again here. These go back to 2009 and use Fast-Piece Appique as only Theodra can.

Thanks for sharing with Theodra.... Happy Holidays to you and your entire family!

Stitching On...

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Baby's In

Sorry I kind of disappeared last week but the plan that started on my second visit to my new home was in the works. I love cooking and for this you need the best (and favored) tools. So as Dave and fell in love with the house on Clay St...the existing stove and oven had to go. This would not be as easy as just buying new, for the oven was from the 60s and they just don't make things the same size anymore... then there was the change from electric to gas.

As the unpacking was underway so also was finding just the right person to take a saw to my vintage (perfect) cabinets and rework the whole space. We were lucky indeed to be introduced to Ron Rock.

The space began its facelift with the removing the wallpaper, and from there the noise began. There is still painting and finish work, but the old is out and the new's in. What fun it was to see it in place and ready to go.

The plan had been to bake some yummy puff pastry chocolate treats first, for they had been the first thing I had baked in my last stove, but alas Kroger here in Paducah did not sell puff pastry, so I tried something else.

Decided to go with biscuits....

They were yummy.... and fed the work of painting that came next.