Sunday, December 30, 2012

Phew! 18 Degrees

Morning was quickly approaching and it promised sunshine, so in my most typical manner I threw on some walking clothes and headed out.
I knew it was cold and felt like I had prepared adequately, but I have much to learn about cold. It did not deter a wonderful time, just now I know a bit more.

I learned were the ice forms and is more likely to to lay in wait for you to slip n'slide, and I will not venture out without a tissue. I also took some fun pictures of setting moon, and rising sun along with some frozen stuff.

I'm sure the neighbors thought I was nuts, but I did not check the temp until my return.
Any pointers you more experienced snow & cold folks can pass along to this new silly snow-person in training, I would love to hear them!

Back inside now sipping my hot chocolate/coffee
and working towards the New Year's rollout out of


as we
ARTIFY our lives
& QUILTIFY our world...

together, of course!


  1. Well I grew up in the cold, snowy Midwest but lost all those skills after 43 years in SoCal! Love the wintery photos, especially the sun through trees. Happy New Years Rose.

  2. Happy New Year to you too Maryanne--it has been fun getting out and exploring, though I am wary...having learned a long time ago that mother nature has her own ideas, and when out there it is not like an e-ticket ride at Disney (ok, I'm dating myself with the e-ticket...)

  3. With my sister ,out walking the dog, I learned she did know best when it came to clothes and cold. Sitting here in so cal I am reminded of your need for a tissue. Will be an interesting year of firsts for you. Miss u, lv j

    1. ahh, there seem to be many firsts joanell and I look forward to sharing them with you - Happy New Year! miss u2