Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking Forward

Well, happily we all made it through the predictions of ending of the world...
and on a more personal note,
I made it through the remodeling of kitchen.

Back in August when we found our new house in Kentucky I knew the kitchen had to have some changes made....ASAP! The 1960's kitchen had some big, fun pluses but the oven was just not gonna work, and the idea of cooking on the electric cooktop - that was the majority of counter space overall... well...I hope you can see my concerns.

Luckily, within just a couple of days of moving here I was introduced to Ron Rock --- (keep telling him he needs a web presence). Another transplant to KY from CA, a finish carpenter, and an even better NICE person. When all the wheels of ordering the appliances and materials were in the works, he promised that my before Christmas kitchen would be done.

True to his word, the truly final touches were completed in time for a big batch of cookies to be whipped up for Santa's arrival. The pictures will show just how wonderful it all looks.

Now, with the kitchen 'all together' my mind has turned back to other goals, and I have been busy working on some really fun projects to be part of a month of
Basic-Art-Element Training Month -Line
scheduled to begin with the turning of the calendar to 2013.

There will be quilty and non-quilty sharing.
Follow now-you'll not want to miss anything!

Join the fun...
Artify your life...
&Quiltify your world!


  1. The kitchen looks great, and very much, yours! I love the color!

    1. thanks Val- we worked on making it 'ours' and are pretty happy with the results...most of the rest of the house is coming along...the studio and the office stuff remain to be worked out...

  2. Your remodeled kitchen looks colorful and functional. It sounds like you're enjoying your new home.

    1. we are, we are Mia -- thanks for leaving a comment here... Paducah has been very welcoming and it's hard to turn away from all the pulling the house together stuff. but we're trying!