Monday, July 15, 2013

Turned Fabric Raven Embellishment - Tutorial

Happiest of Mondays to you all!
Here, the sun is out and it's time to get the day going.
After spending time last week building a whole bunch of garden totems I can report that they are now installed in their new home. That means more time for fabric and stitching opportunities.

There are two quilts that I have been stitching on since last summer. I had them all ready for stitching on the cross-country road trip we took for our move to Kentucky, but I discovered early on that I don't like to stitch in the car. I'm more of a look out the window and take it all in passenger.

It feels pretty good to pick these up again. The one in hand is a raven-pattern I blogged about ages ago, and I thought I would share how to make the raven itself.

CLICK HERE -- visit the blog posting
for the voting for the favorite raven

I like to stitch my background quilt and add the raven separately - as an embellishment and this is how I make them.

You need the fabric, bottom fabric, and thin batting for the middle.
Here we go!

copy the pattern onto freezer paper
press the freezer paper pattern on to the back of the bottom fabric
then stack it with the top fabric-right-sides-together
stack these on top of batting & pin stack together
stitch along the outside edge of the paper-pattern
pull off pattern, trim to about 1/16th of inch & clip curves
then put slit in the top fabric & turn right-side out
press - embellish & when ready pin in place;
then hand applique 

Hope your week includes so stitch opportunities!

Stitching On,


  1. "The one in hand is a raven-pattern I blogged about ages ago," ... I'd love to see this, but cannot find a way to search your archive. ???? Hints welcome!


  2. Hi Judith - I had blogged about it last summer, it was one of the raven quilts everyone got a chance to vote on. I went ahead and added the links to today's blogpost so you could check it out.

    thanks - enjoy!

  3. Thanks so much...enjoyed seeing them all.