Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cave-in-the-Rock Wandering

Happy Sunday!
I hope each of you have been enjoying this long holiday weekend. My own 4th was spent quietly - seems like the summer bug caught hold of me - left me with broncitis and antibiotics:
But, I seemed well on the mend yesterday so David & I set off on a bit of a wander.
We have been treated to amazingly cool weather (70-80s) and really want to take advantage.
(sorry to all my friends in family enduing the HOTs - stay cool!)

We planned the day to go in a bit of circle - leaving Paducah, heading across the river to Illinois and taking the backroads to Cave-in-the-Rock, IL. There we went climbed down to the waters edge and into the cave. The cave and the area have quite a notorious history and the rock formations along with the fissure letting light naturally into the back of cave were intriguing.

Climbing our way out we headed to the small ferry that takes about 10-12 cars across the Ohio into Kentucky. It was fun & fast and left us right in the middle of the Amish area just outside Marion --
Using a map provided by the Amish farmers we worked our way through the small roads and narrow lanes. It is quite beautiful -- all decked out in summer green with creeks, ferns and cows taking a laydown in the middle of a wooded area. Having been just beating out the rain all day, it caught up with us as we traveled here, but it came and went quickly.

Today - well, suns coming up
- who knows where the day may take us.


  1. Such a lovely day trip Rose. I remember visiting Cave in a Rock many years ago, doesn't look much changed!

    1. not much around it that seems like it could -- lovely strip along the river and a fun day. stay cool!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful!!!! I love them!

    1. thanks Jessica --
      its always fun to share!