Friday, February 27, 2015

Making a List & Checking it Twice

I was reading a newsletter from Jamie Ridler, one of my favorite creativity bloggers and ran across a reminder about artists dates.

I read her words and thought – WOW! how long has it been since I took myself out for a few hours of venturing or delving into something just for myself?
In LA it seemed much easier – so many choices,
and yet there are plenty of choices in Kentucky,
but I just haven’t thought about it such a long time.

It is time to draw up a list..
One with places near and far –
with inside opps
a few outside opps  - with snow and without…

Do you know what I mean by an Artist’s Date?
It was many years ago now that I was introduced to the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. A well written artist’s guide to daily living and finding inspiration. For me I walked away with a couple of item – morning papers and the artist’s date.

Morning papers, where you just write --- whatever pops into your head first thing in the morning. This can help clear your head, identify new ideas, and generally loosen up.

and, the Artist’s Date is just what it sounds like -
permission to take time out for yourself.

I took myself out yesterday for the first of many such outings I am planning.

even the snow did not keep me away
the cart's first offerings

need a solid?

time to head to the cutting table - bolts falling out of cart
the write up....

I'm filling pretty inspired!!

How bout you?
Got an idea of a fun place for your own Artist's Date?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Soups On!!!

Funny how something as simple as a soup recipe can open a floodgate of memories.

A recipe came my way yesterday morning as I was going through my email -- it was enclosed within a fitness pal - 15 hearty soups note. One of them Crockpot Roasted Tomato Garlic Soup!
There was Valentine's Day trip that David and I took many years ago. We were headed for a weekend VD getaway to Cambria, CA and we took a little side trip to a small town just north of Solvang -- Los Olivos. It was a small town but had several galleries and as we made our way through the main street we ended up at the Fess Parker Hotel...
there we had a wonderful lunch -- mine was Garlic Tomato Soup....
amazing, and ever since that day I have searched for a similar recipe.

So, as I sit here there is a batch of this soup in the crockpot and it smells incredible -- and the memories of that side trip return.

The walk after that great lunch...
a couple of purchases made at the galleries that day...
and introduction to the artist Eyvind Earle whose work I still happily turn to today for delight and inspiration..... a true artist of CA's central coast.

All from a soup recipe...
You never know...

Hope your Valentine's Day is made special in some way today!
soup's on at the Hughes.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tea, Eagles & Sharing

I have been lucky enough to have been out on Vashon Island WA for the last week. It has been a fun filled week and I am leaving behind a whole gallery of quilts that will remain on exhibit through March 2nd at Island Quilter.

But, early on before the show opening, the workshop and the downtime with my sister we were invited to one of my favorite peoples' homes for tea.

It seems like I have know Christine for many many years, and I love the tea and conversation over at her home. This time was even more exceptional, for as the tea (always great) along with apple slices and something sweet warmed us up -- there was an uninvited eagle that flew close by and then right over the house for a closer peek.
Then the conversation became very special as we turned to chatting about how we each impart a bit of ourselves to other along our journey. As we chatted Christine shared a quilt with us.

It was in fact made from leftover blocks made a long, long time ago by me at a Nancy Crow workshop. These black & white blocks had been thrown into a bag and sent to my sister and she had passed them along to Christine.

Christine had then over-dyed them - and found an entirely new home for these bits in a quilt she was putting together.

It was a wonderful morning, one that will long be remembered for reminding us of how powerful each of us are -- and what the wonder of what comes to us and through us to others.
I'm packing this morning, heading home in a matter of hours....
with lots of goodies, and of course lots of good memories of this time on the island and in the Pacific NW.