Friday, February 27, 2015

Making a List & Checking it Twice

I was reading a newsletter from Jamie Ridler, one of my favorite creativity bloggers and ran across a reminder about artists dates.

I read her words and thought – WOW! how long has it been since I took myself out for a few hours of venturing or delving into something just for myself?
In LA it seemed much easier – so many choices,
and yet there are plenty of choices in Kentucky,
but I just haven’t thought about it such a long time.

It is time to draw up a list..
One with places near and far –
with inside opps
a few outside opps  - with snow and without…

Do you know what I mean by an Artist’s Date?
It was many years ago now that I was introduced to the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. A well written artist’s guide to daily living and finding inspiration. For me I walked away with a couple of item – morning papers and the artist’s date.

Morning papers, where you just write --- whatever pops into your head first thing in the morning. This can help clear your head, identify new ideas, and generally loosen up.

and, the Artist’s Date is just what it sounds like -
permission to take time out for yourself.

I took myself out yesterday for the first of many such outings I am planning.

even the snow did not keep me away
the cart's first offerings

need a solid?

time to head to the cutting table - bolts falling out of cart
the write up....

I'm filling pretty inspired!!

How bout you?
Got an idea of a fun place for your own Artist's Date?


  1. There is something so inspiring about touching the fabric and piling it all in the cart! luckily I live nit to far from a huge fabric store....M&L....of flat fold fame!

    1. I miss M&L and Jenny's... though anyone that has not had the pleasure sure does not know what they are missing. Think of me on your next visit!