Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Fun & Sharing

Fall has come back around again.

This means that I am celebrating a year
here in my new home of Paducah, KY.

As I drove the final miles home after Quilt Market this week I could not help but enjoy the colors of the season and try to think of a fun way to share this with you.

So, I am offering a free downloaded
version of my Leafy-Fun quilt pattern.
It is one of my newer 3-panel designs,
so whether you make one panel- two or all three,
with the repeatable pattern you’ll get a chance
to enjoy the season of the falling leaves along with me.

To get your free pattern--
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or become a Follower here on my blog

AND remember, I need an email address to send the pattern
so follow it up by leaving that info either as a message on FB or a comment on the blog –

It would be amazing to give a 1,000 of these away so feel free to spread the word!

...and, check back for more Quilt Market sharing as the week continues.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sheeeee's Back...

I have been bad...
please forgive me!

Family, travel and lastly running off to Quilt Market have been all consuming this month...
BUT, you all are never far from my thoughts and I totally want to share about the grand finds at quilt market this fall.

As you would expect, there was amazing fabric everywhere...
and absolutely everyone will be enticed from 1-30 different company offerings.

It is the right time to start fortifying that fabric stash.

I loved the introduction of some new small, yet AMAZING batik prints from my long-time favs at Robert Kaufman, and Hoffman. These are great to work into the solid use, reading at a distance like a solid, but giving a rich texture on closer view.

Sadly, I took too much time figuring out how I was going to get Marcia Derse's latest collection home with me on the plane, that when I got back to the booth what was available was gone.... I will just be waiting with everyone else to see them hit the stores in December.
Beautiful as well were was the new line from Paula were her sample quilts.
Big too are the yummiest of neutrals coming out from P&B Textiles,
and on the flip side are Pepper Cory's luxurious solids from Studio E fabrics.

There was something there for everyone...
so you may want to ask Santa for gift cards to your favorite quilt store so you can have fun picking your favorites out, too!

I have a ton more to share, so check back for further postings this week.
Now I must go finish unpacking!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fabric Selection How-To's

Fabric is the stuff of a quilters life,
and most of us start our first projects by selecting what we like.

This may work out, or it may not…
Really, what we like should be the starting place for the selection process but we can’t be afraid when the fabric that started it all ends up being folded up and put back into the stash.
Like any other skill, our fabric choices improve as we practice ‘selecting’.
When students ask for help selecting fabrics for a quilt I have them organize the fabrics by color – then we begin selecting by looking at their design and have them identify the area they see as the focal point.

Then the fun begins….
This week I'll be looking at fabric in different ways--

Pattern (scale-sensibility)
Texture (scale-depth)

Last week I sent in search of the perfect yellow, so we may start there...
for today --- which yellow do you like the best?