Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fabric - Fabric - Fabric

Last month was to be all about fabric, but life seemed to be against me spending time totally engulfed in this fun wonder stuff. Family 'happenings' pulled me in a totally unexpected direction --

so, I'm letting the fabric roll on into October....

to kick it off here are some stacks of fabrics that have been selected for quilts in my upcoming book... some of these have already been turned into fun quilt tops, others sit teasing me to 'pick us next'.

which pile would you pick?


  1. Okay, I'll go first !! I am always intrigued by texture, so today I might select the last option -- wonderful visual texture. It makes me feel a bit fanciful to see what I could do to add even more texture and then to see how it would change me. For I have discovered that each newly completed project adds one more layer to who I am becoming.

    Life is a daily adventure ~ ~

    1. Hi Kara! Great choice... this stack is one that is calling very loudly -- me next, me next...
      I love how you are discovering yourself layer by layer.. a true quilter! ..and, thanks for choosing & commenting.