Monday, October 14, 2013

Fabric Selection How-To's

Fabric is the stuff of a quilters life,
and most of us start our first projects by selecting what we like.

This may work out, or it may not…
Really, what we like should be the starting place for the selection process but we can’t be afraid when the fabric that started it all ends up being folded up and put back into the stash.
Like any other skill, our fabric choices improve as we practice ‘selecting’.
When students ask for help selecting fabrics for a quilt I have them organize the fabrics by color – then we begin selecting by looking at their design and have them identify the area they see as the focal point.

Then the fun begins….
This week I'll be looking at fabric in different ways--

Pattern (scale-sensibility)
Texture (scale-depth)

Last week I sent in search of the perfect yellow, so we may start there...
for today --- which yellow do you like the best?

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