Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Getting the word out

Life is coming on full force for me right now, and I am having a blast keeping up with it all.

Most folks take on one big project at a time, but I have had a couple of big ones being held off in the wings due to things outside of my control -- like finding the people who can actually do to work for us and coming up with a time to make it happen.

As it turns out, the intersection of yard, backyard and inside redo of flooring throughout the entire house are occurring RIGHT now. Of course, I said yes to it all ---

There are daily ups and downs, like rain or high winds...
all the cable service being cut off accidentally...
things that make an appearance only after they are dug up....
Like enough rocks to create a rock garden,
or just how the 50 years of previous owner leave their choices under the carpeting.

But, all is rolling along -- and it is terribly exciting!
(there will be pictures to follow)

Art happenings do not go away with all the 'house' happenings, so I wanted to get the word out about a couple of these as well.

First, If visiting Paducah during April or May this year you can find a small exhibit of my some of my favorite landscape quilts at the Freight House.
A wonderful new dining experience here in town.
The Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway Office and Freight House, simply known as the Paducah Freight House, is a historic railroad freight depot located in the southern portion of downtown Paducah, Kentucky. 330 S 3rd St - Paducah, KY 42003
Then, in early May my on-line workshop
Shaping Up with Fast-Piece Applique is scheduled to begin May 6th!

There will be more as things settle...
Hope to see and chat with many of you soon!