Friday, March 27, 2015

An Artist Date -- To Rural King?!?

What's a Rural King? That was the question I asked last year as construction on their new store here in Paducah was underway. It's kind of like a Lowe's I was told, and just never took the time to go wander through for myself... until, over some knitting others in the group said they really did not go there for it was more farm related -- even had baby chickens....

Well, that stuck with me, and I found myself planning an artist's date to go discover for myself. I'd give it any hour... but, 1 1/2 hours later I did leave but with areas left to explore.

It was wonderfully intriguing, educational and there was stuff there that may never see found down on the farm if I get my hands on it. There were things I'd only heard of, and a selection of other materials that I use that was beyond what could ever be found in a Lowe's or Home Depot. Last, night at mixed media group one described it s Harbor Freight on steroids. I am going to try and post all my pictures here, they will be small, click to make them larger... then you can tell for yourself!

See anything that gets your own
creative mind spinning?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 3 Challenge

Happy Monday everyone!
I am really excited and pleased that the challenge has taken off and many of you are posting your daily 5 minute drawings.

Today's word is:  Enchanted

AND, from tomorrow on through the rest of the challenge I will be posting the daily word only on the FB group.

There is still time to join in or invite your friends to join in the fun, too!

wishing you an enchanted day! ~Rose

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day-2 Challenge - We're Off to a Great Start!!!

It was fun watching all the challenge drawings being posted on our group page. All so different -- it helps get the mind spinning with inspiration.

Click here to view them all.

My own morning started with a cup of tea along with my paper and pencil, and as you can see below Nikki was there to share the moment.

The word for DAY 2 is:

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 1 - The Challenge Fun Begins

Below is the first word to kick off the
21 Day Springtime Creativity Challenge

Now grab your sketchbook or some paper & a pencil
Draw anything/ everything that comes to mind
when you think about the word 'sprouting'

& STOP at 5 minutes
THEN(optional but highly desired) Snap a picture of your drawing and post it to our group on Facebook.

For every time you post a picture of your 5 minute work out drawings during our challenge, you'll get one chance to win a copy of my book Design, Create, Quilt

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with ....
hmmmm.... SPROUTING!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting Ready

The 21-Day Springtime Creativity Warm-Up Challenge is set to begin here in just two days. There are lots of you that have asked to be part of the FaceBook Group and that's pretty exciting.

There will be lots of us jumping in together to warm-up our creativity.
Who knows where it will lead. 

Meantime, I'm getting all my supplies lined up.
OK, so it really only requires some paper and pencil...
BUT, I am a self-confessed office & art supplies junkie.

So, when you say paper.... I say, what kind?
In the past I did these exercises in a sketch book. It kept everything together, and it was an excuse to buy another sketchbook.
Since that first sketchbook was filled I started using tracing paper. I like using tracing paper in my design process, so this was a natural for me.. again, BUT...

While doing many, many of these over several years with my design group there came the suggestion to use 12"x12" sandwich wrap papers.
The 1000 sheet box purchased at Cosco is still pretty full, but I love using this paper, and I store them in a scrapbook box.

Now, the pencil. This is still up in the air. I gathered up all the pencils I have on hand and am trying to decide. This will probably take until Saturday, so it's a good thing that I started this now.

What do you think? Which pencil?

I told you I am a supply junkie... Maybe I'll go buy a new mechanical pencil, hmmm.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Be Creative Everyday

Being creative every day is a way to keep our brains charged and ready for the infinite possibilities that come our way. (in other words – to stay sane).

It's important and not as hard, or time consuming as you may think. How? 5 minute quick sketches, is how? That is sketches, not stretches - though you will be stretching your mind and imagination. I've been using these 5 minute sketches myself, over the last several years as a tool to kick start -- well, myself. They have proven to be effective and fun, and some have made their way into quilt designs - in fact there's at least one quilt designs that came about from this exercise that became a quilt in my latest book.

They are not meant to be pretty finished drawings --
just quick sketches that get things out of you head and onto paper.

So are you ready to let your imagination take flight, and you're ready to get a jump on creativity, I'm ready to be your work-out buddy!

Join me for the
21 Day Springtime Creativity Warm-Up Challenge!

In 5 minutes a day you’ll:

  • improve your drawing skills
  • loosen up-get your mind open for the day
  • increase your creativity
  • get your imagination stirring
  • and, possibly produce new concepts
Here's how the challenge will work.
Each day there will be a new WORD (or phrase)
I will post them on my blog and also on our FaceBook Group page.

That’s your queue to grab your sketchbook or some paper & a pencil
1. Then draw anything/ everything that comes to mind when you think about the WORD.
2. STOP at 5 minutes.
3. (optional but highly desired) Snap a picture of your drawing and post it to our group page on Facebook.

Join in by sending me an instant message on FaceBook–
I’ll then send you an invite-and you’re in!

Are you needing a NUDGE?

How about a book give-away?!?

Join me on this challenge,
and for every time you post a picture of one of your own 5 minute work-out drawings to our group FaceBook Page,
your name will be entered to
win a copy of my book Design, Create, Quilt

(After all, it was in this book that
I first suggested these ‘artifying’ exercises).

The challenge begins
March 21st
and runs through April 10th
The drawing for my book Design, Create, Quilt
will be on April 11th.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blog Tour for A Modern Twist (Natalie Barnes & Angela Walters)

The winner of a copy of A Modern Twist
is Walter 
chosen today- 3/15/15
and thanks to everyone for joining in the fun.

The switches have been flicked here! Wheels turned! Buttons pressed! Levers thrown! Banners unfurled! Hats tipped! Winks winked! Angels sent!  And conga lines are forming below!

Why? Well, this is how it felt as I turned the pages of my good friend, Natalie Barnes’ new book. A MODERN TWIST.

photo credit for all - Brent Kane (Martingale)

Creating a book is like giving birth – there is a huge part of oneself that goes into designing the quilts, developing the patterns, deciding just what ‘other things’ you want to share --- then you get to write it all, turn it over to your publisher, and wait.

Being a close friend of Natalie’s I felt at times like a mid-wife during this long process, so as I turned the pages I felt wonder as one does in checking a newborn for all her fingers and toes and enjoying a giggle at the appearance of her dimples.

This book is a double WOW!
Incredible quilting projects, but with an extra punch of Natalie.
My favorite project is – CIRCLE SHUFFLE (boy, this one would be beautiful on my bed!)

Natalie’s background in designing pours out as you read the pages on color and composition. She gives these subjects an extra punch – leaving nothing out. Natalie's words will have you escaping your comfort colors with visions of possibilities. (comfort colors aka the colors that seem to pop up over and over again in your projects-my early ones were blue and yellow/ now days they seem to be purple and green).

So, if you are a beginner quilter or hmm, an experienced quilter you will find wonder and interest in how Natalie presents, and provides her own personal take on these subjects.

Angela Walters also share amazing information on color and contrast along with quilting that bring each quilt to life, and provides tons of design ideas for these Modern Twist projects.

I feel a lucky person to be able to call Natalie – friend for many, many years. After all, no one else was told me today ‘you should not be shoveling snow’ -

Lucky and proud to find my own books amongst some other great and informative titles she listed in her ‘include in your library’ section.

Lucky and proud, too to be able to offer you all a chance to win a copy of Modern Twist.

So, as I said at the beginning – ‘the conga line starts below’.

Leave a comment here telling
me what are your comfort colors?

Want an extra chance to win a copy of Modern Twist?
I’ll be posting about Natalie’s book on my
Facebook Rose Hughes-Quilt Artist page
Like the page there (if you haven’t already) and leave a comment there telling
me where you like go to find quilting inspiration.

I'll be picking a winner on March 15th.

These other great bloggers are participating in this tour, so check out their sites and enjoy the fun!

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