Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flower Power - Tutorial & Give-Away

Happy Sunday!
Today I am passing along my Flower Power tutorial, 
then tomorrow I'll post how you can win
a fun packet of Hoffman Crackers to make lots of flowers.

Time to get our quilts a'bloomin just like our gardens:

Stuff needed:
2- 12 1/2” pieces for background and backing
1- 12 1/2" piece of lightweight batting
6- 6” squares for larger flower parts
6- 4” squares for smaller flower parts
3- 3” squares for button covered centers
Light weight fusible for leaves – (HeatnBond Lite)
Heavy weight fusible for flowers– (HeatnBond Ultra)
Dritz button maker

  • Enlarge the patterns for the flower parts and leaf.

For Leaves:
  • Take the fabric for the leaves and press the light weight fusible to the wrong side.
  • Pin the leaf pattern in place and cut 4 leaves.
  • Align these on your background fabric; remove backing papers and press in place.

Once in place I layered my quilt sandwich; stitched around each of the leaves and embellished the background.

For Flowers:
  • Take 3 of the larger flower part fabrics and press the heavy weight fusible to the wrong side of each.
  • Let cool. Remove papers and press the remaining larger flower part fabrics right side up to each.
  • Pin the large leaf pattern in place and cut 3 petals; cutting along the line towards the center.

Repeat this process for the smaller petals.
Stitch & embellish the petals while they are flat.
Once complete pull in each of the rounded edges so the slightly overlap and tack each in place with a couple of stitches.

Flower Centers:
  • I used fabric and a button maker to create the centers for my flowers.
  • Each started by marking the center with a chalk circle that I filled with French Knots.
    Then I used the button maker, making sure that the knotted area remained centered.

Lastly, I layered each of the flowers and stitched them in place on the quilt and added the binding.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow
Get in on a chance to win an amazing packet of
40- 10" x 10" Hoffman California batik fabrics!


  1. what a wonderful tutorial! In my many years collection of sewing related items are many covered button forms... what a great way to use them in a piece of fiber art. And, what a great giveaway you are offering...fingers and toes are crossed. Kristin

  2. What a wonderful way to plant flower gardens all winter. I have plans already and would like to incorporate some of class ideas in with it.