Saturday, June 7, 2014

1/10 of 400 Miles = ?

Lot's of yardsales!

Living at one end of the 400 mile yardsale held every year in Kentucky has been quite fun. Yesterday David & took off early for our 2nd annual yardsale wander. We are not your every weekend yardsaleers... but, once a year is turning out to be quite fun.

We set off with $20 each in search of great finds, and it did not take too long to start filling up the trunk.

I was delighted to fill my mixed media coffers with some fun finds like --
a huge unabridged dictionary with lots of pages & lots of pictures (think of the background possibilities here)

then there was the set of colorful dominoes
and clothes patterns

But, honestly....
the majority of my purchases will be used to create just a few more garden totems. These fun glass junk giants have there own space in my garden and last years happily survived outside all winter... so why not!!

Here's a few pictures from yesterday's adventure -- including a picture of a piece of amazing coconut cream pie found along the way.

and, btw....
David spent $2... I helped him spend a bit more of his $20
my own total came in at $29

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