Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hitting the road

Well, all my stuff arrived safely in Paducah yesterday and it felt great to sleep in my own bed in the new house...but, I've got one more trip before I get to settle in.

This trip is to Quilt Market in Houston where I'll get to hang put with my buds and share my new book, Design, Create, Quilt with shopowners and loads of other quilters...then on Nov. 2 the books themselves will start shipping.

Meanwhile I left early this morning to drive down to Nashville to catch my plane, and I was treated to a beautiful fall drive.

Yes, it was hard to leave Paducah...but the fun of the new house
And, the fun of the new blogging format begin on my return...

Can hardly wait!

Location:Nashville Airport

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Begin It...

Here I sit in Paducah, KY...not just visiting but getting ready to sign the dotted line on a new home, and a new life. Just a couple of months ago this was not even on the to do radar, but then David took early retirement and the wheels began to roll. Who knew?

Way back at the beginning of the summer there was a list of things I wanted to do in conjunction with my new book coming out. Top on the list was reDOing my website and my blog. More on this will follow over the next bit of time, for with the help of my webmistress this huge project went on in the background of 'the move.

Long ago I read the words of Walt Disney who said...
"We keep moving  forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new pathways."

and we certainly have kept moving...
With the home in California sold, and the home in Kentucky awaiting it was time to set out, the packers finished and we hit the road. Thank goodness for our moms - mine in Arizona and Dave's in Missouri for in these two places our kitties found more home than hotel, and we found home cooking. It made the journey a bit easier. Here's the tale in pictures:

Nikki & Edgar were great troopers along the way.
we chose the RT 66 trail that took us through AZ, NM, TX, OK, MO

Stay tuned here for the 'after the move' fun .... and remember--
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Change Is

Well, we have hit the, Dave and the kitties. On Tuesday the movers came and left us with an empty house. It tugged at my heartstrings to wander thru and think of all the our life moments that happened here. On the flipside it was the signaled the reality of our move to Paducah.

Here's was the last look around of the old place.

Now we're off for grand adveterous, change!

Location:New Mexico

Friday, October 12, 2012

Button Detail

It has been a treat seeing all the quilts and checking out the vendors. I had quickly posted on Facebook a fun find from preview night, but I thought ou might like a closer look.

This button quilt was made by Susan Bianchi - Saratoga, CA, and she calls it Red SunFlower.

It is quite stricking and well. executed and brings to mind the button blankets of the Pacific NW Native Americans.

Enjoy your closer look!

Location:Pacific International Quilt Show

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Open While Under Construction

As the sign says, I'm open while under construction. Welcome to my new blog. It is part of the relaunching of my on-line exploration of creative, inspiring, adventuresome 'stuff'. Over the next month or so I will be laying the foundations so to speak, so the time is right to start follwing me here and stay tuned!

For Today, well as the first day of PIQF dawns I am still all tucked in, coffee in hand...the packing for my move has been left behind, so, I decided to go out to Pinterest and get a little hop going.

Didn't get to far, for my first jump took me to view the work of Charles Arnoldi. I fell in love with his bold graphic shapes and color, and found them really inspiring.

Great start to a grand day of visual treats.