Thursday, October 11, 2012

Open While Under Construction

As the sign says, I'm open while under construction. Welcome to my new blog. It is part of the relaunching of my on-line exploration of creative, inspiring, adventuresome 'stuff'. Over the next month or so I will be laying the foundations so to speak, so the time is right to start follwing me here and stay tuned!

For Today, well as the first day of PIQF dawns I am still all tucked in, coffee in hand...the packing for my move has been left behind, so, I decided to go out to Pinterest and get a little hop going.

Didn't get to far, for my first jump took me to view the work of Charles Arnoldi. I fell in love with his bold graphic shapes and color, and found them really inspiring.

Great start to a grand day of visual treats.