Sunday, November 15, 2015

And the winner is...

Linda -- whose family is from Holland.
I'm sure that Mandy's book
will inspire a trip soon!!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

The World is A Wonderful Place! Blog Hop Along

Today I am here to share an incredible new book by one of my favorite wanderers --
Mandy Leins & her Wanderlust Quilts!
Mandy found me and my Fast-Piece Applique a couple of years ago as she wandered the web, and contacted me to ask if it was ok to share about it on her blog (like I might say no!). She not only shared the technique but found a way to use it in a no-sew glue construction method that she could use when creating quilt tops that she then long-armed in her Craftsy Class. Later that same year we met in person at Quilt Market --
a delight one should not miss you get the chance.

A grand book/ here's a peek!

Mandy's words and quilts take us on her shared journey of another of Mandy's loves (archaeology), allowing us find inspiration and guidance throughout. She doesn't stop at supplying amazing images of ancient places but provides a full array of construction methods to bring these places to life with fabric.

My own favorite (very hard to choose) is Aqueducts for I felt like I was getting a peek of a modern beautiful representation of part of the life blood of old Rome.
My own quilting journey has been inspired by wandering, so when she asked us to find a photo to share with you I jumped at the chance. Mandy shared some wise words in her Quick Color Lessons -- some that I could definitely use when designing my own quilt from this picture taken in St.Thomas while on a quilting cruise - the perfect place to relax and enjoy this wonderful book!

Want to join me?
Mandy is letting each of us blog hop stops give away one copy of her book, so if you want to get your chance to win leave a comment here telling me of a place you would love to go wandering -- camera and sketchbook in hand. Keep in mind that inspiration from wandering can happen anywhere -- the backyard, local park, or the other side of the world.

I will be drawing a winner on 11/15, so just a few days to get in on the fun.

The list below contains all the blog-hop stops so you can enjoy all the wandering this lovely book is making.

November 2: Kickoff with Maddie Kertay at Bad Ass Quilters Society 

November 5: Gen Q

November 6: Casey York Designs

November 7: Bill Volckening

November 8: Angela Walters

November 12: Rose Hughes

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bundle Fun!

I picked up a wonderful fat quarter bundle of delightful Me+You Hoffman batik prints while at Quilt Market --

looking at them, I could hardly wait to cut into them...

Since it is getting closer to the holidays I thought I could use a bit of this one and that one to make some holiday cards. I used the fabric and a few other items I had in hand and came up with these.
The fabrics could also make some great tags, too...
I'll have to work on some of those as well.

Meanwhile, that were fast and easy so I have written up an instruction sheet and am offering them as a give-away to anyone signing up for my Fabric'ating Embellishments on-line workshop.

Starts Friday, from silks to sheers there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about some of my favorite embellishments!

Join in and stitch up some fun!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Quilt Market = COLOR Adventure

I have made it home from a fun filled, time exploring all things new and new to me at Fall Quilt Market. There was a game plan to check on certain - must see - products, but other than these I was on the look out for inspirational color.

At market so many fabric companies are there sharing their latest, but most include a bit of a 'how we got here' view, or a lookie, lookie at just what colors are 'in'! It is one of the things I love, so I thought you might want a peek, too.

Mind you there were 25 rows of vendors and an awful lot of color that had to be left behind, but I hope this little peek has got you thinking of all the new possibilities.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shhh...Making Pin Weaving Bracelets

Way back when I began my journey into art quilting I took a class with David Walker --- he is amazing, and I give him credit for my stashes of yarn(no I'm not a knitter) and beads. It was David that introduced me to couching and adding beads to a quilt. Thank you David!

But, if one is not a knitter and has a larger stash of fun, colorful yarns or if you are a knitter with bits and pieces left over from your projects, then you may want to give these pin woven bracelets a try.....then if you're looking for special embellishments for finishing opportunities join me on November 6th for my Fabric'ating Embellishment on-line workshop.


Here I have made a small loom from a 10" x 3 piece of foam core board; marked 1/2" top and bottom; then cuts made ever 3/8" to hold yarn
Then tape yarn down in the back and wrap the loom, back to front
 Here the loom ready to go
 Next, select your weaving yarns and thread up your needle with a yard or 2 so you're ready to weave.
 Now, using the needle go in and out of the loaded yarns.
 Pull the yarn through, and leaving about a 3-4" tail just keep going.
 When you run out or want to change yarn just remember to leave yourself a tail...
 And, keep weaving until you get it as long you want it to be.
To begin finishing process - cut the loom strings on the back,
 and two at a time bring them forward, pulling them out of the cardboard, and tie a knot
When ends are all knotted take the loose yarns individually and rethread them onto the needle...
 weave these back into the bracelet...
 then snip them off.
This will leave you ready to finish them off with beads, buttons for closures, almost anything could be used!

If you want to learn about some fun finishes you'll want to join me for my upcoming Fabric'ating Embellishments on-line workshop. It is scheduled to begin on November 6th. Giving you plenty of time to get started, and plenty of time to finish up some for holiday gifts!

I'm working on finishing mine up for some special friends.
Hope you give these a try.

Weaving On,

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Roller Coasting!

Well, here is Paducah they have announced frost warnings for the weekend. Add this to the amount of leaves beginning to fall and I think it is safe to say that 'fall is here'.

It has been a roller coaster month - my darling David trip over his own feet in the middle of the night and broke his wrist. Originally it looked like a clean break, but that did not remain and he had to undergo surgery. Add in that it was his dominate hand... let's just say it is good that he is retired.

With the passing of my sweet Nikki, we had just thought about getting a kitten to keep Edgar happy -- and one just fell into our lives.... he's a little love who right now is watching the birds from a perch in the studio. Ralphie---
In between all this I have completed my latest on-line workshop with Academy of Quilting and it begins on November 6th! It took a while to pull it all together for there are more techniques on creating your own embellishments -- and how to embroidery, bead and generally use all sorts of methods to embellish these... phew.... than I can count! All my favorites, and hopefully some that will become yours, too.
Fabric'ating Embellishments
There has just been so much keeping me happily busy - while not driving me crazy.

I'll be sharing more about getting ready for quilt market next week later on this weekend, but for now I couldn't wait to share the button I've created to give away while I'm there.  Reach for the Stars!

What colors are your stars?


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back-to-School Give-away Winners

Congratulations to Bethquilter & Craftalife!
Winners of e-copies of my book Fast-Piece Applique!!