Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nestlings --

Betcha you may have thought I dropped off the face of the earth.
I actuality I took myself off to California for some r&r, birthday parties and generally catching up with my west coast buds.

I had a great trip -- that started with sneaking in for an amazing surprise party for my daughter-in-law (Dawn), and staying long enough to celebrate my bestie's (Angelique) 60th. In between there was catching up with a bunch of friends from northern LA through the southern end of the OC. There were walks of my favorite beaches, and eating at some of my favorite eateries and being introduced to some new favorites.

All done while giving my self time to stitch on some nestlings.
Nestlings??? You may wonder.
While participating in the daily word challenge my sketch book became filled with nest like drawings -- so with only minutes to spare I put together some small quilt blanks based on these drawings and through in some stitching stuff to embellish along the way.

Below are 5 of this little stitch-portunities.

These have only made me think of more/different nest inspired designs...

but, they are taking a bit of backseat, for now that I'm home I'm really excited to getting some landscaping projects out of my head and into reality.

gardening or stitching or laying by the pool/lake/ocean....
What's on your list to get done this coming month.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Hunt Turns to Embellishments

Last Friday I flew into Orange County --
I wanted to sneak in and be there waiting for my daughter-in-law at a  surprise party being held for her on Sat....
it went off without a hitch,
of course with the help of a small number of friends.

Before I left home I worked on a series of small quilt works --
all silk, and all ready for some wild embellishing stitch-portunities.

Since visiting the OC last year there seems to be a new bunch of stores that have moved in. Think Japanese dollar store, then check out the on-line Daiso stores.  Everything in these stores is a $1.50 and fun, so it seemed a great place to find things that may work out as embellishments.

So, along with things pulled from my stash I'm going to try and incorporate some of these finds...
What do you think?
Could you come up with ways to use some of these items?

I'm looking forward to jumping in soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Hunt Began

This Memorial Day finds me feeling much better, but still trying to kick the butt off this bronchitis...The 2nd round of antibiotics along with allergy medicine is finally letting me breathe.

While trying to be good and rest up I turned to my sketchbook and had fun working through some ideas that had been popping up several times while I was doing the daily word challenge.

To celebrate feeling better I decided to start pulling fabrics --- and I found my mind turning to this one particular blue silk.
The hunt was on - with the pulling out a blue bin of silk...
Sort of overwhelming.
It has been a while since I went for silk -- so much of my quilt making for my books is cotton.
First, I was a bit surprised by the sheer amount of silk that burst forth when I flipped off the lid. Then I was happily engaged with all the colors and textures of all the fabric --- mind you, I never really found the piece I was looking for, but I was having fun.

The opening of the blue bin, lead to the opening of the green -- then it was on to the purple and lastly the red/orange bin.

With the opening and digging through all the fabric poured memories. Fabric from this place or that place. Fabric that had been used in this quilt or that.
Does this happen to you, too?
The hunt for once piece of fabric let me reconnect not only to the fabric itself, but the history that brought it all to me.

It also was quite apparent to me that 1. I did not need anymore silk -- so during my upcoming trip to SoCalifornia I can stay clear of the Garment District, and 2. It is time for some silky projects!

All in all, a good day.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bronchitis -- Putting a Halt on it All

Well, the springtime list of all sorts of fun things has been on hold....

why -- not travel, not work, not lacking anything...

simply put -- bronchitis

Luckily, I have a couple of cuddle kitties &

and the arrival of a box of books recently ordered.

Hope your weekend is moving full steam ahead...

I have promised friends and family that I truly will try to chill.

Would love to hear what you are up to...

give me something to dream about!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting Back to It

Ok, I admit to having a bit of time refocusing on some fun projects that are lingering on my list. The beginning of May means birthdays and Mothers Day celebrations -- time for planting up some fun pretties in the garden ...
and, this year a whole week seems to have been given over to it all!

Last, Monday David & I headed out for a few days of outdoor celebrating at Mammoth Caves National Park. We opted for staying at the park hotel, and quickly found out that with no wi-fi we truly were to become one with the park. Our time there was spent exploring and picnicing... both are heartily encouraged. The caves themselves, while fascinating -- were underground...

If this made you think twice about me -- well, you are smart.

I found out that I am definitely an open skies girl!
Sky, trees, birds--yup...underground, not so much.
While at Mammoth Caves, .we were soooo close to Bowling Green, that we had to swing by and check that lovely city out first hand, too. In all we had a great trip --
Can't wait to explore even more this summer.
Spring is certainly bringing some new adventures, and summer holds promise of even more. Wishing you the same, and I hope you share a bit of yours with me and check back for more on mine soon.

Getting Back to Stitching,
Yes, today!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

5-Minute Word Warm-up Continues

Great News!
The 21 Day Creativity Challenge has taken hold in a bunch of us.
It was really fun to start each day with a bit (5-minutes) of drawing with only one word as the jumping off place.

It was even more fun to see what everyone else posted.
So much so that the group is taking over and the challenge continues.

If you'd like to join in -- now may be the perfect time!
It is all on our FaceBook Members Page.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Making "Words" Sew with Fast-Piece Applique

When something grabs hold of me I have just learned to roll with it. This year I have just been fascinated with adding words to my quilt works. Words are really nothing new -- a good friend of mine Joanell Connolly always used a word in her quilts, but she printed hers with help from screens made from a thermofax machine. 

Some of my favorites of Joanell's include... I did not pick one or two -- have fun just going through and finding your own favorites.
Then another friend of mine came out with her new book -- Quilt Talk -- Yes, this is the wonderful book of Sam Hunter and her projects are inspiring; but alas, paper-pieced.

So as the year began with the selection of my first year inspiring word -
SPIRIT appeared in my sketch book -- all color and fun -- but even before the drawing was completed; I was creating it in fabric (with Fast-Piece Applique of course).

Who would have ever expected what came next?  Not me!
And, who knows where it will take me....

It feels especially good to be able to share the fun with you along the way. Like with the #loveletterheart patterns that were part of my book tour are still on-line to pull down and use.

I have developed a lower-case alphabet and packaged it in a way that you can use the letters yourself to design your own words.
Do you have a word or name you want to add to your own quilt?
With my downloadable pattern you can "make it sew"!

BUT, if you would rather just have fun with the quilts I have designed, I've included (2)full-sized pattern downloads so you can have a guided creative flight with a couple of words I have played with.

The word-quilts included are:
 each are 30" wide x 36" long

The Creative Design Alphabet can be purchased from my website. Scroll down on the patterns page to order.

Talk with you all soon,
and who knows where the 'words' will go next.