Monday, April 14, 2014

Daily to Your Door

It has been a pretty fun-filled whirlwind 5 days out here in SoCA. Thursday of last week I headed off to share my quilts in a trunkshow lecture with Beach Cities Quilt Guild. This was followed up with two full day workshops with this wonderful group of quilters.

Not a moment was lost, for as soon as I left the guild on Sat afternoon, I was checking off the places & people I wanted to see again. Then yesterday was a fun filled day close to home with my kids. Close to home though meant breakfast out at a local 'foodie' hangout, followed up with a walk through 6 square blocks of antique cars. (this included a couple of restored versions of my first car - 69/Malibu - and way too many cars that were new the year I was born).

With too many photo opps awaiting I choice to focus in on a grilles-- 
though after talking about growing up in West LA over dinner the night before a friend mentioned the Helms Bakery trucks and how she remembered the donuts that miraculously showed up each day in the back of that truck ---
There in the middle of all those cars was a restored Helm's Bakery truck!

No donuts, though.

The day did not stop there and we had a blast...
but, here are the grilles & the truck, too of course.
Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bead Spree

Happy Sunday everyone,

It sure has been fun running around in SoCA this week, and I think it's time for a bit more sharing. During the week Dawn, Angelique and I did a run to downtown LA to refill my coffers with beads.

I had to hit my favorite Bohemian Beads and wander through picking up this bunch here, a bag there, and strands and strands of colorful stuff. I try to pick and choose according to those that I feel work well on a flat quilt -- but, I thoroughly admit to loving the shine of the crystal like or metallic beads.

Then yesterday Dawn and I sat around a big table mixing all the found beauties into color families and packaging them all up. There is nothing like feeling the beads running through your fingers and the ohhs & ahhs at the mixes. We had a blast.

Later on this month, during Quilt Week in Paducah,
I'll be running a special -- so be on the look out!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Scrappy Making of a Quitler

Hi from California!

I am having such a great time. Seeing my kids, visiting with friends in our old and sometimes new stomping grounds. There will certainly be fun things to share as a minute or two permits. Today's share is a delight for me.

Many years ago I met a very special woman... her name is Angelique and she is very dear to me. BUT, this is the tale of sharing an addiction. She had never even thought about quilting before she ran into me, though she was all about fabric and involved in the fashion industry.

Angelique visited my home studio a couple of times -- before she asked about hand stitching some basic blocks know, in her spare moments.

Being very sly about the whole thing I told her to pick some fabrics from the bins...
I then cut up some small squares and showed her how to hand piece these together.

Well, these little squares grew into 4-squares, and the 4-squares grew into quilt tops, and there was no turning back!

Shopping for fabric, and tools -- learning how to use a machine, connecting with other quilters all followed... you can see why when she shared her latest/dearest project with me the other day why she accused me of being a troublemaker.

After all, she has been the recipient of numerous priority box shipments filled with scraps for this project.

These scraps held memories of quilts made by me, and it was so amazing to see them and have them be a part of a new memory for Angelique and me, too!

Isn't she doing an amazing job!!!
Hugs to Angelique -- and to all of us troublemakers.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Mayor's Art Club

I feel like I have lost a day... in travel... and I am writing this from suns out SoCA this wonderful Wed morning. Sure feels like it should be Tue.

On Monday I delivered and hung my quilts in the Mayor of Paducah's office. She has instituted a program called the Mayor's Art Club and submission are taken towards the end of the year and local artists are chosen to share their work. The exhibits change quarterly and there are two areas filled with art inside & just outside her office.

Mine will be up through this quarter.

There is award winning photographs from last year's Dogwood Festival in the outer room. My work is on display in her office itself.

Hope you enjoy my before & afters.
bare walls -- were soon to change
behind the mayors desk -- It's In the Air
the Ebbing series brightens up the nearby wall
across the room -- Wintergreen Path and Spring Green are making a showing
Desert Queen is there, too

as you enter you will see I-10 Watcher -- watching who comes & goes of course

So, if you're planning a trip to or through Paduah you may just want to stop in and check out the art and the building too, for it is pretty interesting all on its own. Wave hi to Mayor, too!

Me? I'm off to go meet up with my friend Joanell Connelly -- you know, just a morning out with the girls -- can't wait to see her!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Under the Needle

What is this? Paper being stitched?

I am a fabric person... one who loves mixed media.
In the past I have found lots of ways to mix it up on fabric, but only toyed with the idea of mixing it up with paper.

This year I decided to get acquainted with paper and signed up for a monthly meeting at my local paper haven, Ephemera Paducah, where we are playing and learning all sorts of ways to mix it up with paper.

We are following Art Journal Freedom by Dina Wakley, and last night we got to pull gloves on an play with spray inks. What you'll find here are my samples. Dina likes to add stitching to her paper pieces so this morning in the studio, my little raven squares went under the needle --- then glue to their final home on a sprayed background.

Since the group meets only once a month I have also jumped into the Documented Life project where each week we are provided a different theme to create a journal page. Practice will hopefully give my pages a chance of improving.

Meanwhile, it is all REALLY fun!

I would love to hear what new thing you are trying out this year. Anyone?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Color Blocking

Happy, Happy Spring!!

We have finally started to see some warmer weather and my mind has been swimming with new projects and possibilities for the garden. Too, early though to anything but work on the skeletal remains and dream.

In the studio with my friend Helene though it has been a bit different. We both wanted to just have some fun with color and fabric so for the last couple of weeks when we met I had been printing on some, long-ago hand-dyed fabric I found in my stash.

It has been so much fun... I had to share!

The fabric paint was pulled and using just some scrap rubber left over from rubber-stamp carvings I rolled on the color.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter 0 - Spring 1!

On awaking this fine Saturday it feels like someone has flipped a giant  switch in my psyche... it's spring, ITS SPRING!!!

So after about an hour out in the yard raking up leaves left beneath early arriving snow I can say this is true. Under all the remaining snow and fall leaves were the daffodils pushing through all the nonsense of 5" of snow earlier this week, to make sure we understood spring is here ---

it is its time!!!

It is no wonder why this past week's snow has been watched each day in anticipation of melting.

These two pictures tell the tale:

and springs tribute!!!

It will be harder to get work done in the studio this week...
oh, well!!

Here'e hoping that Spring has let you know it has arrived where you are, too!