Friday, December 8, 2017

Pulling The Little Metals Together

Well, I promised Thursday, but I was chilled awake at 4am. I headed out to the thermostat and knew I was in for a long day. As it turns out the furnace is out -- and will never come back for the part that needs replacing is no longer available. Never easy. Even getting a whole new one will take a week... a week of temps in the 20-30s.

That was yesterday, and I typing this in the warmth of my bedroom where there is a space heater. The cats are laying across the bed and we're only headed out for food or coffee for now.

This 1st batch of Little Metals Pieces were so much fun to create they needed a fun way to show them off. In the past I have stretched small quilts over frames to hand them, and like how the hang. For these I chose to make the stretcher frames just a bit larger than the quilts and use coordinated silk and batting as stretching bases. Once the bases was made I mounted the Little Metals Piece and finished off the back.

14 pieces were part of this 1st batch and all are now for sale.
Take a look at these small pieces... maybe you'll want to call one of them yours.

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