Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Disappearing Act

Hi All!
It is hard to believe that it is December already, and even harder to believe that I have not been sharing all that I have been up to since September. It has been hard at times over this period because I had injured my back and am only know getting relief.

It has also been a pretty creative time for me, too. Since last May I have been taking a few workshops relating to metal and resin work, and taking a college sculpture class at Paducah Art & Design.

The biggest change brought about by all this infusion of 'metal stuff' has been the building of a metals studio in my basement. There is plenty of room down there so back in July I had my trusted handyman Bob begin the transformation process by installing new lighting and separate circuits to handle my kiln.... yes, folks my kiln. The first thing discovered on putting up the lighting was just how much the floors needed to be swept.

With lighting up, clean up done the space was fitted out with an exhaust system and a new sink installed. Purchases made of enamels and equipment -- (a new close bond with the UPS guy) and the play began.

This is what the space looks like -- one side for enameling -- the other for metal working.

and, the pictures below are some of first pieces that I have made.

When I began this newest journey I had wanted to mix these in with my textiles. Tomorrow I will share a bit of what steps I have taking to mix it up with these 'little metal' pieces.

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