Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making Fabric Beads : Playtime Begins

Yesterday was quite a busy day -- got to lots of things on my to do list including a bit of playtime.
I've been wanting to make some fabric beads for a while -- and happily I made it happen.

I've included the step-by-steps here:
you'll want to have a piece of foil - strips of fabrics
anywhere from 1/2" -2" wide by 4" long
some tacky glue; container to mix glue, paint brush, straws
and some hand cream

mix up some of the glue 1 part glue - 1 part water
put a bit of hand cream on for it will keep the glue from overtaking everything
brush glue on -- then lay straw as above; fold it over straw to begin
roll it up!
keep adding more to straw & keep on rolling
let dry on straw then slide each bead off
decorate as desired

Hope you can find a use for these fun beads.
or try making them with you kids or grandkids.

Happy times!


  1. I have seen them before; in fact aren't they on your necklace shown in your picture next to this tutorial? Now I know how they are made; thanx.

  2. they might have been karen, but the ones I am wearing were made with polymer clay wrapped with yarn scraps... hope you give the bead making a try for it is a lot of fun