Monday, July 8, 2013

Recycled Glass - Shapes in Shapes

Happiest of Mondays!
The suns out and I'm feeling a lot better --
feeling pretty accomplished too, for I have managed to put 2 new glass totems together.

I had taken a class over at the Ephemera Paducah shop last month and made a couple of totems that are now sitting in the garden -- both my husband and I agreed though that they looked pretty lonely.

Only one way to solve that --
MAKE some more!
So off to the Goodwill store to pick up some glass and mix it all up.

They are built in pairs (kind of like quilt patterns) and
As I worked on these I really got into creating shapes within shapes -
probably because I had found the larger clear glass globes.
On the next ones I will be try to hang things within the shapes.

Here is a shot of the two this morning - one more day of drying totally -
then its off to the garden.

One of my favorite artists builds his work from shapes within shapes...just not glass.
Check out the work of Rex Ray -- totally fun!
Have a grand day!


  1. Awhile back I turned down a different-than-usual street while on a walk and encounter a house with a yard full of totems. It was the first time I'd ever seen them and I was enchanted. Looking forward to seeing photos of your enhanced yard! Glad you are feeling better, carry on.

    1. that's the plan Lora.. one totem at a time

  2. They are truly beautiful!!

    1. thanks Kerri - addictive, too. I've been working on several since I ran across an incredible thrift store - soooo much fun. I'll be moving them all outside this weekend.