Monday, July 22, 2013

Beyond the 5-Minute Drawing

Welcome to Monday! A new week...
I'm ready for a clean start this week, for last week was filled with techno ups & downs.

My phone, seemingly on it's last breath was resurrected...
Then Friday my desktop computer refused to start - turned out to be DEAD,
This changed a play-filled weekend of fabric transformation, with tech shopping.
While I love 'the stuff' shopping for new 'stuff' just has never been fun. Luckily things came together and somewhere in the house (as I type) a new desktop is finding its home.

The fabric plans for the weekend --
they'll be slowly worked in to bits of time over the next few days.

I did manage to get to creating the drawing that I envisioned from one of my 5-minute drawings.
Boardwalk - from a couple of weeks ago - got me wandering along in the Caribbean
I had purchases some fun fabrics while cruising in March --
and found perfect (really perfect) fabric to go with it from Cherrywood in April......

well, you tell me --
do you think I might be on the right track

Here's my more extensive drawing --
and the fabrics!

Next step -- enlarge and prepare the pattern.
(I think I can sneak in time for that)

Wishing you a creatively, productive week!


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    1. thanks Jann...I am itching to start stitching, but pc installation is zapping my time