Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Words Challege

Hi All,
I'm really happy to be checking in with you today --

I had let a bug sneak in and knock me for a bit of a loop. Doc said it was bronchitis and put me on a course of antibiotics. Has kept me under covers for a couple of days, but there were still moments of playtime. Summer  words was one of the things I could keep on doing, and today I get to share the words that came out of the hat for me this week.

The 5 minute limit --
and for me just pencil produced some interesting possibilities.

These are straight out of my sketchbook --
nothing has been prettied up.
& I just taped the word pulled to the page.

I'm feeling a lot better today and think David & I will be taking a short day trip --
Caves & a ferry ride across the Ohio --- maybe a ride through an Amish community where
there are nurseries, foodie opps and of course lots of buggies with horses.

We'll see how far we get.
Have a grand weekend!

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