Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Lucky Winner Is!!!

Hi all,
My time zone awareness is a bit out of wack.
& if you follow me on FaceBook you may already have heard of my travel difficulties on Monday --

BUT, I am now happily home with my kitties around me.
both Nikki and Edgar are sticking pretty close.
come on mom, it's time, it's time!
Home, sunshine & mom....
I think Edgar is really just anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner from my own Blog Book Tour Give-Away....

You, too?
I want to thank everyone who took part in the tour -- it has been grand and I wish I could give you each an e-book/ but there can be only 1 winner....
edgar is pleased!
Who's Won?

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Final Fast-Piece Applique Blog Tour Stop

It all comes back to me!

And, I am pretty jazzed that my books made it across the ocean and through customs & through the dock workers slow down in Seattle, in time for their actual release date. My books and the shop owner books have been shipped -- so next week I'll be signing & sending out all the pre-orders. (there is still a very small window - 1/20 is cut-off to order from me to get a signed copy & the free Free-Falling pattern.) FYI-Books ship to Amazon next week -- so they'll be able to start filling their pre-orders after that.


What a grand two weeks this has been. The sharings of my fellow quilt peeps along with all the give away fun. I wished for each of you an opportunity to see all the ins & outs of my new book and a bunch of chances to win an e-book. I also wished for each of you the opportunity to pick up for free twelve #loveletterhearts so that you would have enough to make three long panels if you choose -- like mine.
Some of the stops have already chosen winners for their e-book give-away, but several are still underway.

Each stop though, still has their pattern give-away posted so I will be giving you the direct links to their postings along with their give-away cut off dates and a reminder of their WORD just in case you are starting the tour today.

As you read this I will be catching another plane -- this time to Miami where I'll be spending the weekend with the Ocean Waves Quilters. I'm hoping for a opportunity to run through my old neighborhood (Miami Beach) and put my feet into the waters of the Atlantic. I used to be one of those crazies that went down to the beach to watch the sun come up, but since I will not have a car of my own I probably will not be able to cross this off my list. I will be sure to take pictures & report back if I do!


Here is a listing of all the tour stops direct links, and below you'll find the three last #loveletterhearts patterns just click on the photos to download:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Winner already chosen -- KISS pattern

Natalie Barnes
Choosing winner 1/20 -- SOUL pattern

BadAss Quilters
Winner already chosen -- SEXY pattern

Generation Q Magazine
Winner already chosen -- SWAK pattern

Mandy Liens
Choosing winner 1/16 -- LEAP pattern

The Bitchy Stitcher - Megan Dougherty
Choosing winner 1/18 -- LUST pattern

Martingale Publishing
Choosing winner 1/20 -- HUGS pattern

Sam Hunter
Winner already chosen -- FIRE pattern

Choosing winner 1/20 -- SING pattern


And, lastly....
are you ready to try and win a copy of Fast-Piece Applique from ME??
Well, leave me a comment here before 1/19/15 -
mention some idea or quilt pattern
that you'd love to Make it Sew
with Fast-Piece Applique.
I'll be drawing for a winner on the morning of 1/20 and announcing them that day! Winning requires an email addy be available.

Good Luck,
and thanks for coming along with me
& my friends on my first ever Blog Tour!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 9 TAFAlist --- SING

Today I have invited my good friend Rachel Biel to join the fun on the blog tour for Fast-Piece Applique (The Book)! I have to admit that she is one of those people I have met on-line and always wanted to meet in person…(little did I know that we would be neighbors-literally walking distance).

Rachel is amazing in the energy she puts in to making the world a wonderful place for textile artists, and I was/am always in wonder on how hard she works to pull the TAFAlist together/keep it going & growing. When I decided to move to Paducah she was the first person I contacted here. She helped me find my way early on. Now I am always trying to find ways to drag her away from her computer for other fun things.

What is TAFA?

Rachel Biel-TAFA http://www.tafalist.com/blog/

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership association of handmade traditional and contemporary textiles and fiber businesses. TAFAlist has over 500 members from 44 countries that either exhibit, sell, teach or all of these.

Rachel Biel-TAFA http://www.tafalist.com/blog/
There are categories for Vintage, Fair Trade, Fiber Farming, Paper, Sewing, Mixed Media, Supplies, Printed, Weaving, Dyed-Painted, Cultural, Recycled, Embroidery, Felt, Crochet & of course my favorite....
Members are showcased in portfolios with information on what they do and where they are on the web. The List is a visual treat for any lover of textiles, and a must if you make textiles your business.

Rachel's choice for the #loveletterhearts word is SING.

So you'll want to click over and enjoy Rachel's post for the day-
sign up to win an e-copy of my new book
& pick up your free pattern for SING.

Rachel Biel-TAFA

It is truly an honor to be part of TAFA and know Rachel!

Tomorrow it all comes back around to me...
see you then!