Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 9 TAFAlist --- SING

Today I have invited my good friend Rachel Biel to join the fun on the blog tour for Fast-Piece Applique (The Book)! I have to admit that she is one of those people I have met on-line and always wanted to meet in person…(little did I know that we would be neighbors-literally walking distance).

Rachel is amazing in the energy she puts in to making the world a wonderful place for textile artists, and I was/am always in wonder on how hard she works to pull the TAFAlist together/keep it going & growing. When I decided to move to Paducah she was the first person I contacted here. She helped me find my way early on. Now I am always trying to find ways to drag her away from her computer for other fun things.

What is TAFA?

Rachel Biel-TAFA

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership association of handmade traditional and contemporary textiles and fiber businesses. TAFAlist has over 500 members from 44 countries that either exhibit, sell, teach or all of these.

Rachel Biel-TAFA
There are categories for Vintage, Fair Trade, Fiber Farming, Paper, Sewing, Mixed Media, Supplies, Printed, Weaving, Dyed-Painted, Cultural, Recycled, Embroidery, Felt, Crochet & of course my favorite....
Members are showcased in portfolios with information on what they do and where they are on the web. The List is a visual treat for any lover of textiles, and a must if you make textiles your business.

Rachel's choice for the #loveletterhearts word is SING.

So you'll want to click over and enjoy Rachel's post for the day-
sign up to win an e-copy of my new book
& pick up your free pattern for SING.

Rachel Biel-TAFA

It is truly an honor to be part of TAFA and know Rachel!

Tomorrow it all comes back around to me...
see you then!



  1. Rose it has been a wonderful journey getting to visit with all these creative people...thank you and see you tomorrow..

    1. the packing continues & I'm getting ready to make my sweetie a homemade pizza to tie him over -- I'm looking forward to warmer weather

  2. Thanks for the trip! Great to experience so many new ideas.

  3. Awww, Rose! What a nice post! Thanks so much! I love, love, love having you as my neighbor and friend! Paducah is enriched by having you here. Sure, ok, we can share you with others from time to time, but just know that for me, living here is all the better because of you!