Monday, January 5, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 2 Natalie Barnes --- SOUL

Hi All-
Today I am a lucky soul who gets to share an amazing woman with you. I feel really blessed to have called Natalie Barnes friend for more years than I can remember.

Brought together as beginning quilters - just one of a couple from Flying Geese Quilters Guild who lived in Long Beach. (somewhere in there I seem to recall a small, small friendship group called North Stars.)

Natalie and I have shared lives, family, walks on the beach, (morning walks with Buddy) and quilting adventures as traveling companions and roomies in more places than I name.

Natalie lives in a wonderful place -- just a block from the beach. When I was trying to think of what I wanted to share about Nat --  images popped into my mind, for with camera in hand on her morning walks she snaps & shares pictures of life on the peninsula.  These turn into treasures because of her wonderful eye and sense of color.

For years she has been turning those images into fun and creative quilt patterns that she sells through her company, Beyond the Reef. Well known throughout the California and Hawaii quilting communities her work has taken on an even broader audience over the last couple of years.

She herself is an inspiration -- taking the simple things found on her daily trips around town and sharing them with us. Since moving to Kentucky our morning wanderings, and long long chats over multiple cups of coffee are sincerely missed.
Good thing our quilting worlds collide often.

Natalie, too has her 1st book coming out very soon.... February!
So be on the look out for as she shares herself and her wonderful quilts with the rest of us.
Meanwhile, for the Blog Tour Natalie picked the word SOUL, so don't miss out reading more from Nat and getting your #loveletterhearts pattern over on her blog.

SOUL-- Natalie Barnes

Hope you enjoy getting to know Natalie better.

As long as I have my incredible president's quilt --
A New York Beauty for a California Rose, I will never be able to forget her, for she signed her block in wonderful BIG letters, and her block was placed pretty close to center....
see, told you I am a lucky soul!

Onward.. stitching all the way,


  1. What a lovely post, Rose. Thank you so very much for your kind words. It is an honor to be included in your book launch! And for those of you reading - it's a GREAT book. Add it to your library!!! You'll refer to it often.....

    1. Your posting also was lovely... we have cool memories/ and great plans to make more! Thanks Nat!