Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 8 Sam Hunter --- FIRE

Today, is guaranteed to be a fun stop on the Blog Tour.
For, today we visit Sam Hunter’s Blog!

Sam and I met during a major sew in for my last book.
There she learned Fast-Piece Applique for the first time and by the end of the day she was working on the quilt that eventually ended up on the cover.
Since then I have seen Sam grow her own quilt business, come up with amazing products and patterns and this past year release her own book. Quilt Talk.
I was a stop on Sam’s book blog tour and boy it was truly inspiring. So when I say...

It is all Sam’s fault that I fell in love with letters and words making their way onto my quilts (again, for I had done a bit of adding words back a few years) in a fun way.

Sam’s words – are paper-pieced, and FUN!
Me, well I’m not a paper-piecer
but boy did I see the potential for word fun.

It's all Sam’s fault that there are #loveletterhearts
& their patterns here today.

Her book, and my participation in her tour came at a time when I’ve been playing with mixed media. So, still under Sam's influence as the year turned to 2015 I chose SPIRIT as my word of the year. Half way through the painting and drawing fun I began to see the word in fabric.

Sam's own choice of #loveletterhearts words was FIRE.
The perfect word for her–
for she’s on fire & of course there’s orange in the quilt (her favorite).

So Big Thanks Sam, for making my head spin with possibilities!

I know you'll enjoy Sam's post,
so click over and let the spin begin!

FIRE-- Sam Hunter

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