Friday, January 9, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 5 Mandy Leins -- LEAP

A Little Spark...
This is what I would call Mandy Leins.

I have not known Mandy long, but I love watching her GO!

She has big dreams, and big ideas and stand back, for she'll find a way to pull them all off. It did not surprise me at all when she chose LEAP as her #loveletterhearts piece.

As the new year turns once again she stands poised to wade through the quagmire of her thoughts--(as she shared her own New Years vision board on her blog)--and makes plans for 2015.

I met Mandy a couple of years ago by way of the random email contact.
One of those that seem to come out of nowhere, from someone you've never met.

You have no idea as you type out a reply to 'any' request that comes in to your mailbox what will happen, but I can attest that grand things do happen.

Mandy is one of those grand things,

and she has some pretty grand things in the works.
One of them is a new book she has coming in the fall, and though it is still hush, hush we can get a small peak at one of the backs of the quilts....
I know, this back is pretty exciting, and if you are planning to go to Quilt Con next month you'll get to see the front!

Writing a book can be hard on the soul since there is so much time spent waiting, and waiting to share is the hardest. I am looking forward to a peek of what's in the book -- but, I'm waiting with you all.

'til then I hope you find your way over to Mandy's blog today, and get to know her a little better.

Just remember, there's no telling where that 'little' email connection you make today may lead.

LEAP and your wings will appear!

Stitching On!

We'll be taking Sat & Sun off from touring...
give you all a chance to catch up as we begin moving into week two next Monday!

Wish you all a happy weekend.

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