Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique: Blog Tour Day 4 GenerationQ --- SWAK

Welcome to day 4 of the blog tour.
Today is another day where a long time friend and her cohorts at Generation Q Magazine are joining the fun.

Back when I had just left my corporate life behind, and I was showing my quilt art at fine art festivals there was a visitor to my booth. Little did I know that that young woman and her daughter Sam would become part of my life in wonderous ways...  Along  with my artwork I was offering workshops in nearby Quilters Studio, and though Sam was too young to join in Jake signed up for that class. During that first meeting Jake told me she was a writer first - quilter second but over the years I'd say she never really let on -- always being true to both in BIG ways.

This is Jake Finch who within several years of that first meet-up would embark on the grand journey of birthing Generation Q magazine along with Melissa Thompson Mayer.

I'd say the rest is history, a long history of chatting and friendship - life... but, it really is not history when the phone may ring at anytime to bring more sharing complete with trouble making & adverting.

Jake is a true friend, and I love all the people that have come together because of the magazine --- good, fun folks that I may never have met... Boy I would really have missed out! Let's see there's Vicki Tymczyszyn, Beverly Mabry, Tracy Mooney, Megan Dougherty, Scott Hansen and new to the team Teri Lucas.

Teri picked the #loveletterhearts word for the group. SWAK
The perfect word --

Thank you Generation Q --
Love you All!


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