Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What Next?

...or how to incorporate all these 'little metals' into my textile work.

This has been a fun year full of mark-making, slow-stitching and now turning a wide corner with playing with metals... but, the love of silk and thread has a strong pull on my soul.

So with each group of 'little metals' I have turned to playing with fabric in ways to incorporate them or feature them in textiles. I some cases I have created specially designed canvases using Fast-Piece Applique.

 this combination became one of my favorites so far.
when using Fast-Piece Applique for these I use invisible thread and no couching... which was one of the many ways I showed in my last book.

These poppy pieces are now done and ready to prepare for hanging. Yes, this pieces are shown off in a different way and made ready for hanging in a special way as well -- (more on this tomorrow).

Besides using Fast-Piece Applique I have had a blast stitching up some great canvases using improvisational piecing which I show how to do in my first book-Dream Landscapes.
More on how these pieces are finished tomorrow.

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