Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hitting the road

Well, all my stuff arrived safely in Paducah yesterday and it felt great to sleep in my own bed in the new house...but, I've got one more trip before I get to settle in.

This trip is to Quilt Market in Houston where I'll get to hang put with my buds and share my new book, Design, Create, Quilt with shopowners and loads of other quilters...then on Nov. 2 the books themselves will start shipping.

Meanwhile I left early this morning to drive down to Nashville to catch my plane, and I was treated to a beautiful fall drive.

Yes, it was hard to leave Paducah...but the fun of the new house
And, the fun of the new blogging format begin on my return...

Can hardly wait!

Location:Nashville Airport


  1. thank you.... the fun started as soon as the journey began

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