Monday, March 9, 2015

Be Creative Everyday

Being creative every day is a way to keep our brains charged and ready for the infinite possibilities that come our way. (in other words – to stay sane).

It's important and not as hard, or time consuming as you may think. How? 5 minute quick sketches, is how? That is sketches, not stretches - though you will be stretching your mind and imagination. I've been using these 5 minute sketches myself, over the last several years as a tool to kick start -- well, myself. They have proven to be effective and fun, and some have made their way into quilt designs - in fact there's at least one quilt designs that came about from this exercise that became a quilt in my latest book.

They are not meant to be pretty finished drawings --
just quick sketches that get things out of you head and onto paper.

So are you ready to let your imagination take flight, and you're ready to get a jump on creativity, I'm ready to be your work-out buddy!

Join me for the
21 Day Springtime Creativity Warm-Up Challenge!

In 5 minutes a day you’ll:

  • improve your drawing skills
  • loosen up-get your mind open for the day
  • increase your creativity
  • get your imagination stirring
  • and, possibly produce new concepts
Here's how the challenge will work.
Each day there will be a new WORD (or phrase)
I will post them on my blog and also on our FaceBook Group page.

That’s your queue to grab your sketchbook or some paper & a pencil
1. Then draw anything/ everything that comes to mind when you think about the WORD.
2. STOP at 5 minutes.
3. (optional but highly desired) Snap a picture of your drawing and post it to our group page on Facebook.

Join in by sending me an instant message on FaceBook–
I’ll then send you an invite-and you’re in!

Are you needing a NUDGE?

How about a book give-away?!?

Join me on this challenge,
and for every time you post a picture of one of your own 5 minute work-out drawings to our group FaceBook Page,
your name will be entered to
win a copy of my book Design, Create, Quilt

(After all, it was in this book that
I first suggested these ‘artifying’ exercises).

The challenge begins
March 21st
and runs through April 10th
The drawing for my book Design, Create, Quilt
will be on April 11th.


  1. What a great idea and thanks for sharing. I don't have a Facebook account but will join in regardless.

  2. What a great idea and thanks for sharing. I don't have a Facebook account but will join in regardless.

    1. Great Jackie- this is why I will be posting the word of the day out here on my blog. Glad to have you join the fun!

    2. Looks like you are having a grand time in Tenn. We miss you in Calif.! Love your new book. Would enjoy winning it...