Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life Out of Hand

I love Mondays -- always a great opportunity for a new start... on what?
On whatever your heart desires. In my case as I sat with my morning coffee contemplating my day I was really feeling a bit tortured. Things here in the new house are really coming together and I am really pleased and grateful... so what's up?

Well, so much of my focus has been new house and new community related that 'life' has kinda of taken the back burner. Life for me is all about creating and finding new stuff -- admittedly mostly fabric stuff, but I had put so many ideas down in my master plan book back in July and it's time to crack it open and start sharing it.

I still have house things to deal with -- Since some of the big remaining ones involve storing my quilts and getting the studio workable this week I will share some things I'm doing to clear the decks for fun, creative playtime to come!

On the list for Monday was---
the quilt - closet!

This closet is dedicated to store my quilts, and it is much bigger than it looks in this picture. Lots of room, but
truly in need of additional shelving.

So as much as I wanted to get back to 'life', the measuring and shopping occupied most of Monday -- but, the week is still young and hopefully this large stack of quilts will soon have a space to spread out, be counted and be happy.
Anybody having torture problems this week?


  1. I have such a pile of homeless stuff in my sewing room that I can't do much more than piece little things. Finding a home for all of it really needs to move up on my agenda too!

  2. it feels sooooo much better now that the shelves are in... I can see where everything is and actually get to them with ease...who would have thought that shelves could make one so happy. Go for it!