Friday, December 7, 2012

Explore Further

Several days ago I was sitting, stumming my fingers at the dining room table, early...early, with coffee in hand. In all honesty I was wandering through Pinterest -- when I came upon a pinboard titled Explore Further.

Love this title, and naturally I dove in to see what wonders could be found amongst its 94 pins.

Finding several must haves, repining began... but I really fell in love with the title.

Exploring Further , to me, this is what life is about.

We search out things that make our heart sing and get our minds spinning.
It has been quite some time since I began to cook up the idea of using my blog to do just this thing.

As my life begins to settle my need to explore grows, and in January my blog will start exploring the basic art elements. Each month will be dedicated to one of the elements and there will be opportunities for everyone to jump in.

As we explore we may uncover all sorts of things. Some BIG, some small, but really who is to say.
I want to become a place where peeps could come explore, or be inspired and be encouraged to for their own personal exploration, and share.

As for the pinterest board Exploring and Sharing.....
What would you pin onto this board?

Do you have a subject that you've wanted to delve deeper into -- become the explorer!

Please, please share it here --

Stitching On

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