Monday, December 3, 2012

The Baby's In

Sorry I kind of disappeared last week but the plan that started on my second visit to my new home was in the works. I love cooking and for this you need the best (and favored) tools. So as Dave and fell in love with the house on Clay St...the existing stove and oven had to go. This would not be as easy as just buying new, for the oven was from the 60s and they just don't make things the same size anymore... then there was the change from electric to gas.

As the unpacking was underway so also was finding just the right person to take a saw to my vintage (perfect) cabinets and rework the whole space. We were lucky indeed to be introduced to Ron Rock.

The space began its facelift with the removing the wallpaper, and from there the noise began. There is still painting and finish work, but the old is out and the new's in. What fun it was to see it in place and ready to go.

The plan had been to bake some yummy puff pastry chocolate treats first, for they had been the first thing I had baked in my last stove, but alas Kroger here in Paducah did not sell puff pastry, so I tried something else.

Decided to go with biscuits....

They were yummy.... and fed the work of painting that came next.

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