Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pondering Gratitude

I have been sitting here in my new place in Paducah pondering gratitude...
how I would love to share some wonderful playful, adventuring way to nudge everyone to ponder along with me.

Well, the idea is there -- percolating -- like one of those old time coffee pots -- do you remember when the water boiled, then popped up to the top to percolate down through all that yummy coffee --- making everything smell wonderful.

Only my idea is still just boiling and the yummy stuff is still a bit out there yet.

See how distracted I am?!?
Luckily my friend Karen Johnson at Martingale was not daydreaming as I was, but having a grand time enjoying my new book... and writing about it!

After reading it, I know you'll enjoy hearing about it from her, and her page is offering big deals on my book and all the others at Martingale, too.

I promise to keep that idea popping...
and a huge thanks to Karen and everyone else at Martingale...they are really the best!

~stitching on

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