Monday, November 5, 2012

Small Celebrations

Each day we progress a bit further into becoming totally unboxed. At times this can be related to the word unglued, but overall seeing more of the floor has been gratifying. Each room is a small celebration.

There is one box that actually has been filled rather than emptied on my arrival here. It contains all the goodies from Quilt Market and I am itching to get to rip off the top and share the contents. But, there is one really great goodie that did not get packed away.
Winter Edition
It is a copy of the brand new 3rd issue of Generation Q.
As in the ones before it is jam packed full of information, fun, giggles for young and old and of course some quilt of them is MINE! WooHoo!
(a winter season quilt called --  That Darn Tree Quilt!)
forgive the lighting... there's a box somewhere with the lights
Since the unboxing will continue through this week, I thought it would be fun to offer this copy as a give-away.... 

to get a chance at winning the magazine:
CLICK follow here on the blog
& POST a comment 
all before midnight on Sunday - November 10th

the winner will be announced next Monday - November 11th


  1. Great to know your life is returning to normal. Looking forward to the photos of a working studio!

  2. Good job on your un-boxing! Moving is just not a fun thing, even when you are looking forward to it. But, sometimes, the unpacking can be a fun treasure hunt too!

    1. the treasure hunt continues, but there's been a few things that did not travel well... nothing big, but will have to be re-thought, or re-placed. back to the boxes!

  3. Miss knowing you are on the hill, but excited to read of your adventures!
    Glad you can see more of the floor daily!

  4. Oh, I definitely want to follow your blog. You are so creative!

  5. I cant imagine leaving CA. Good luck may all you dreams come true. Michalee in San Diego

    1. I never would have thought that too, but one never knows where the next door will open. Thanks for your good wishes and comment Michalee --- enjoy SD --- a fav place!