Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Venture: A Nudge in the Right Direction

Pun intended...
today's source generator is all about MAPPING IT!
Even though our world has turned to GPS - and we all have been grateful to that little voice that comes on to guide us (at least once)... there is still a wonderful world of maps to be discovered...
maybe even collected.

Those paper things with color, line, scales
and info to get us from one place or another,
or from one idea to another.

As you start looking around for maps you may want to keep a few questions in mind.
Can I...stitch it? glue it? film it? collect it? dye with it? draw on it? cut it? leave it?

Then begin the hunt for maps...
All kinds! 

driving maps, flight maps, mind maps, color maps, project maps, life maps
& of course the best map of all a 'treasure map'!

In Los Angeles, when I first moved there, you had to have a Thomas Guide --
more than a map it was a book of maps enabling you to find your way through
all the twists and turns of a city not designed, but one the grew together from all these other little cities and roads that changed names with the blink of an eye. They came out every year, and the multi-county books were HEAVY...

and many years later, as I packed up to move cross country I took the pages from my Thomas Guide-gave my friends the pages that had their homes-a bunch of art supplies and decorate it -- just for me.

Do you have a map somewhere in your home or car, right now?
Have fun!


  1. Rose I have no idea how to use a map as inspiration or even to use one in quilting :-(

    1. hi Ellen...maps can be used in lots of ways, but you may just want to pull one it to the wall and walk by it for a few days....maybe the lines for the roads may give you an idea about quilting stitches...or maybe you might want to cut it apart and find ways to stitch it... and remember not every thing speaks to every person- the idaes this week are starting places. Thanks for your comment!