Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photos as Sources: Sunday 'Fillr Up

Hope that this days finds you all well and with a few moments for yourselves.
I have been working on several projects that are all coming due over the next week --
luckily for me they all involve creating & stitching - some of most favorite things.

Also, lucky for me that when someone asks for 5-subject related projects that I know I can turn to various sources to help me get cracking with ideas.

#1 thing on my list is image searches

these may be my own images (since I have a 20 odd year archive of photos)
but, I may use photos from other sources, too.

One of the old trusty ways to use this images it by creating a small frame-
or set of L-sections and moving them over the photos --
by hovering over various areas you may find all sorts of inspiration, compositions, textures

I pulled out two photos I recently took while off on the 400 Mile Yardsale...
(think of all the possibilities!!!)

make yourself a small black or white frame
select a photo - here is one of fishing tackle
here is one possible composition
here is another

and here I used a white frame and found an interesting texture --
I am thinking quilting lines - hmm

You may want to dig out some of those old travel pictures and start thinking about them all over again via the view through a frame.

Happy Sunday!

I'm back to stitching.


  1. Wonderful idea Rose, I have ordered two of your books but will have to order one from your site lol as I can't seem to find it here in Canada. Don't know why though. Do you still have the Design Create & Quilt? The other two I ordered from Chapters-Indigo.

    1. Hi Ellen -- I do have copies of the new book and since you're in Canada if you email me I can send you off an invoice and we can get one off to you -- or Amazon has them, too if that is easier.
      Thanks for your comment/?? I definitely want to get the new book in your hands! ~Rose