Friday, June 28, 2013

Todays Source: Clouding Around

Yesterday morning the ac installers finally finished setting the new system in place. We were so pleased to have that behind us that Dave & I set off for a bit of fun. We headed up the road -- to Target...(ok, now that we have to go over 60 miles to get to a Target it is a bit of a destination). -- being there also left us in a fun area, so leaving Target behind we headed off into the woods.

Riding off, with the trees and sky -- it was a grand day!
I fell (wonderfully cool) asleep thinking of the day, and I awoke with CLOUDS.
Seemed the universe was sending a message -

So, today's source --

Take some time, kick back and let the clouds pull you in...

While teaching in Asilomar my class gave me the name Queen of Clouds --
something about loving the clouds in my quilts...
they requested a design file of 'my clouds' that resulted with:

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