Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sources: Venturing - Look Down

Sometimes we just need a bit of a nudge in a different direction to begin seeing new sources - new possibilities - ME included! So, that is a bit about what this week is all about.

Whether you venture near or far there is always something new for the finding.
To get us going, I chose any easy one.

What may you find? Well, just on my walk I found feathers ( tons & tons) and even a poor abandoned goose egg...  just remember to LOOK DOWN!

interesting cracks? staircases?
or how many different colors of toe nail polish may you find today?

I'm off to wander!
~ Rose


  1. Thank you Rose for the insight on looking down. I never would have thought of that one. When I look I usually look off in the distance and sometimes up.

    1. sometimes its the little ideas that take us the furthiest...thanks for leaving a comment Ellen!