Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sources: Words - More than tell the tale

One of the most powerful resources for discovery & inspiration for me are WORDS.

Words have history -
They can provide power ourselves - through introspection
and, power over others - (there is nothing stronger than a carefully turned phrase)

We all have experienced the words of a novel strung together in just the right way
to create a whole other world in our imagination.

& words are all around us - free for contemplating & kick starting that next project.

Below are just a couple of my own quilts that were culled into being because of words.

Don't Think Yourself in a Jail
inspired long ago by the words to an Indigo Girls song
this bird's jail is one of his own making -- overthinking can certainly create bars
and only we control their existence
Whether you think You're Right
or Whether you think You're Wrong... You're Right

words quoted from Henry Ford spoke perfectly to me
as I created a piece based on the theme detours
Do you have a favorite song, poem, quote or story that has already inspired you creatively?

Hope this week's postings will help open up new possibilities!

I'm working on a fun challenge that I'll be posting on the 21st -- don't miss it!


  1. Hmm don't have any sayings that have inspired me to create something. Then again I have never thought of thoughts in that way. Something to consider.

    1. maybe the summer word list helps give you even more to consider Ellen...

  2. Rose, I love your ideas about Words and the power they add to our lives. Your photography is great too. I enjoyed my visit.


    1. thanks for stopping by David and adding your own words... I credit you with opening up a grand door for me --- seems like forever ago now -- back in Asilomar... and I'm happy to see your own latest postings!