Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springtime = Color!

Springtime is slowly creeping in - and I'm sure that there are plenty of confused flowers out there trying to decide whether or not to peek their heads out or not.

Since Monday I have been snipping up flower catalogs in order to pull my flower color wheel together. It was loads of fun, but I ran into issues finding the blue-greens, and the greens in general were the more leafy of the colors.

Any of you give this a try?

Mine is now up in the studio and I am finding the color inspiring.

Meanwhile, my BEAD order came in! WooHoo!
In celebration of spring, I was thinking it would be fun to put a couple of BIG flower inspired color packs together. The photos here show the beads as the were being sorted. Found some great small snap top boxes that are working out perfectly for these large assortments.

I'm working to get these posted on the website today --
and, am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get to distracted by all the...very intermittent sunshine!

Which assortment you like best - 
the warm group?
or the cool group?

I can just see these now....
covering a quilt top - sparkling like wildflowers.

1 comment:

  1. I love them all but am especially partial to the blues, especially the ocean colors: blue green, teal, aqua, etc.